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Looking back at the 1990s

The last decade of the 20th century was one of the most interesting and influential.  The 1990s was the culmination of the counterculture from the 1960s,  the economic and labour market turmoil of the 1970s followed by the outright market-based  monetarist economy of the 1980s.  The 1990s  combined all of these elements to create an interesting cultural and socially different decade to finish off the millennium.  Seven years of it were dominated by the control of the House of Commons by the Conservatives.  Opposing them and beginning to make inroads into their support was a new Labour Party.  As John Major attempted to keep control of the eurosceptic elements in his party the new leaders of Labour seemed to be offering something different.

The fascinating world of the incredible Dublin Zoo

Opening its doors for the first time on 01/09/1831, Dublin Zoo was originally founded as a private society by a group of wealthy subscribers, physicists and anatomists.  Then in 1840 the gates were opened for the first time to the general public and the seventy species of birds, and forty-six breeds of mammals went on display in the foundling Zoo located in Phoenix Park Dublin. These days the Zoo has grown and developed and now spreads its landscapes, gardens and animal habitats over twenty-eight hectares and attracts more than a million visitors through its magnificent gates, every year.

How we benefit from rubber products in our everyday lives

Rubber is a versatile and indispensable material that plays a part in almost anything we do in our everyday lives. From household items to industrial products, rubber possesses unique properties that offer a huge range of benefits.

Drilling v tapping: the differences

Drilling is the process of creating a hole in a material, typically using a drill or motor. This differs from tapping, which is the process of creating a thread within a hole. This process is used, for example, to get a nut ready for a screw or a bolt to be threaded into the hole. The process for creating the thread on the outside of a bolt is different again. This process is called threading and typically uses a die to create the thread.

Why is creativity so important for children?

Children do not just learn from reading textbooks. Every activity and experience is an opportunity to grow not just knowledge but also other skills, such as emotional intelligence, problem-solving and communication. Creative expression allows them to do this in new and unrestricted ways, making a vital contribution to their overall well-being.

How do sewers and drains work together?

The water system in your home or commercial premises consists of numerous pipes and drains, some delivering fresh water to the property whilst others remove waste. Every pipe plays a vital role and a blocked or damaged pipe can have significant knock on effects and create additional cost and maintenance requirements.

Important information to include in a school prospectus

When designing a new prospectus for your education establishment, there is some essential information that must be included and a decision will need to be made about the running order. Here are some examples of vital information that prospective parents and students will need:

Help your child get on the property ladder

The Bank of Mum and Dad or Grandparents is increasingly being asked to help out when children want to buy their first home. Recent research has shown that first-time buyers now have to save for 13 years on average to afford a deposit. In London, it could be 46 years before someone has saved enough for a deposit!

Atlas Electric Pasta Machine Review

This pasta maker is a bit different from the others because it has a motor on it. So you do not have to have an extra person to work the hand crank while you feed the dough through the machine. However, everything else is the same, mix up your ingredients for the dough. Make sure that the dough is not so moist that it will stick to your pasta maker. Also, make sure that the dough is not too dry, or it will fall apart when it comes out. You can have someone watch as the dough comes out to make sure it does not get so lumped together at the other end that it does not resemble noodles in any way. Otherwise, this is one of the easiest pasta makers to use if just one person is cooking in the kitchen.