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How to Change a Bike Tube Make It Easy

We’re going to do you guys how to change a bike tube. My goal today is to teach you guys how to use and how to change bike tubes without using tire levers.

So, finding the correct solution read the article, and make it easier to do.

Step 1

Step number one what we’re going to do is we are going to get the bike into a position where the back wheel is going to drop out easy with whether that’s flipping your bike upside down or whether that’s with your bike hanging from a limb or hanging from bikes down like this.

If you need to true your bike wheel check here how to true a bike wheel and that gives you a nice solution.

What you’re going to do is release the tire the quick-release and you’re going to drop that rear wheel out of that bet at the back.

Right in here on the bike tire your collar your tire bead alright this bead is built to specifically hitch up to your rim right here.

When your tube hooks up to your rim mix your tire stays on better but when you’re taking your tube off makes your world a heck of a lot harder.

The First thing you’re going to do when you’re taking the tire off is you’re going to wiggle that bead loose and you’ll the whole way around the rim.

Now here’s the bike shop trick that I was talking about is when you release that bead the whole way

around the rim it’s going to happen is now that bead is going to have a lot of extra room to actually just get over your rim.

You’re gonna do pull that be right over pull that bead all the way off the one side of your rim.

Now pull the tube out get it out of there as fast as you can so that being said you can go ahead and toss the old tube you are going to put the tube back in here so take your tube.

There’s our hole right there so we’re gonna stick her in there go ahead and put that slide that tube all the way back in okay make sure that tube is all the way into your tire.

If it’s not then your tube could very well get stuck under the bead of your tire, we talked about a minute ago and they’re kind of blowing up your tire soon as you try to pump it up.

Take the bead right here you’re going to start putting it around your rim. I know it’s a good idea, now put it all the way around. Now if you’ve ever changed a tire before you know we need this part right here.

Step 2

It’s the impossible part that never works that works out great okay so where you going to now is you’re going to go ahead and release that bead.

See the thing all the way if you can do release the bead.

you guys can all do this okay and that little now usually step bead this last little part of the bead should just slip right on over-easy as that there’s your bead all the way on there.

All right for this last part, I had to put back up on the stand so what we’re going to do here is you’re going to put this tire right back up in its like that and you’re gonna secure your quick release.

Now one thing a lot of people often forget is after you secure the quick-release. It’s important to put the bike back on the ground oh right over there.

Now that’s on the ground you actually want to release that quick-release again and hold your bike steady and then shake that back tire dress attach what you’re doing is you’re making sure that it’s in the same place as it was when you took it off.

Now you secure that quick-release down and now it’s the exact same spot but your brakes are going to be lined up as well as you’re shifting.


Here we have tried to give exactly a proper solution to how you can change your bike tube easily. Read this article information properly follow the instructions step by step.

If you want to learn more about bike repairing guides check OutdoorXsports for information and guideline.

Do You Own Any Womens Aran Sweaters

Womens Aran sweaters, like the ones from Shamrock Gift are among one of the trendiest categories in wool sweaters that are available in various colours, patterns and fabrics. They are very comfortable to wear, easy to take care of and a great option for those who like to wear fashionable clothes and accessories. They are quite expensive than normal wool sweaters but still manage to win the hearts of many people due to their excellent quality and trendy designs.

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Male baldness is a condition that is more common in men than in women. Male baldness is, in most cases, a typical occurrence, however it can also have serious implications on a man’s overall health. It can also be a sign of other underlying health concerns. If you suspect that your hair loss is related to an underlying health problem, it’s important that you see your doctor to work out the problem and ensure that there is no underlying cause for your hair loss.

How To Select An Office Desk That Best Fits Your Needs

Office desks are usually the focal piece of furnishing in a typical home office setting. They are the first thing your eyes take notice of, the first thing you think about when you enter a room, and the first thing you do when you get started in your day. The correct office desk can help you be better organized and more productive. When choosing an office desk, there are many things to consider before you make the purchase. Below are some of the things to consider:

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What Happens When Pollutants Get Into Groundwater?

What happens when groundwater becomes polluted? Water that contains contaminants such as lead, copper or mercury leaches into the ground and contaminates aquifers. Drinking this water can cause harmful problems in your body; the long term effects of ingesting too many contaminants are still unknown. As with all pollutants, the longer it stays in the environment and therefore in your body, the more damage it can cause. So even if you may not be aware of this, it is always important to make sure that you have your groundwater tested on a regular basis just to keep an eye on contamination levels.

How Accreditation Can Improve Customer Trust In Your Business

One of the most important benefits of why accreditation can improve customer trust in a business is that it helps to ensure that the business has a solid regulatory and licensing history. The reason for this is that this regulatory history can help to show that the business follows best practices for operating a business and has a history of following those standards. This can also help to show that the business provides a high level of quality and that it has a history of compliance with the regulations that are in place to protect the interests of consumers. In addition, by having a solid regulatory history, a business can demonstrate that it has the commitment to continually learn and improve its business practices and be willing to take any steps necessary to continually assure that it meets these standards.

Kristy Mcnichol Net Worth, Bio, Partner, Is She Gay, Where Is She Now?

Kristy McNichol is an honor-winning American entertainer, comic, maker, and artist who got acclaimed during the 1980s. She is most popular for her job as Barbara Weston on the satire Empty Nest and Letitia “Pal” Lawrence on the TV dramatization arrangement. Family. Her presentation in the last acquired her two Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (1977, 1979), a Golden Globe Award designation for Best Actress – Television Series Drama, and two Award selections. Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

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