How to Fix google maps not working

Google maps not working
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Google maps not working … Yes? Quiet, you are neither the first nor the last to suffer this message and that  Google Maps stops on your mobile. It is very cumbersome to open your location app and stop constantly.

But the problem or error we raise in this article updated in 2019 is the Google maps not working.

A fairly common error although it may not seem like it and here in this tutorial we are going to give birth to solutions and correct this error from Google Maps.

How to Fix google maps not working

The reason why this message skip is mainly due to three fundamental questions, one of them maybe because you don’t have the latest Google Maps update in the Google Play Store, another could be due to the Google Maps application cache.

✅ Update Google MapsGoogle maps not working

If when you open WhatsApp you skip the message from Google Maps a possible solution has stopped, it would be to update the application in the Google application store.

To do this we must do the following:

Open Google Play Store and click on the button at the top left or sandwich or general settings.

We will get a new screen called Updates. If Google Maps has a new update we must update it to solve Google maps not working. However, if there is no update, we must go to the second possible solution.

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⚠️ Clear Cache From Google MapsGoogle maps not working

If Google maps not working. again we must continue with the possible solutions. In this, we must clear the cache from Google Maps.

To do this we must do the following. Go to your Android Settings :

Click on Applications and all applications of our Smartphone will appear. If we have the possibility to filter the applications by enabled and not enabled we set it to enabled.

We search the Google Maps application and click on it.

Once inside we click on Storage.

Now we must click on the Clear Cache button.

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⚠️ Clear Data From Google Maps

If you still persist Google maps not working, we will delete all application data from Google Maps, this will erase all accounts and information on the application of Google Maps. Once this step is done, you can log in to your accounts again without any problem.

For this we return to the Settings of our Android and go to Applications, we look for the Google Maps application :

Click on Google Maps and click on Storage again.

And this time instead of clicking on Clear Cache we will click on Clear Data.

We will get a notice as we agree to Clear Data from Google Maps and start over. We give Accept.

This way we should solve the Google maps not working.

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⚠️ Uninstall Google Maps

How the last step to solve the Google maps not working. would be to uninstall Google Maps from our Android and reinstall it.

To uninstall it we can do it directly from Google Play or through the Settings of our Android, within Applications and we search Google Maps, click and within that screen press Uninstall.

With all these solutions Google maps not working should be resolved.

If you have any questions I hope you leave a message in the comment box and if you have no doubt I also wait for your message 🙂

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