Why Cardio Exercise Is Essential for Weight Loss

Cardio Exercise
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Whether you wish to lose five or 25 pounds, aside from eating right and drinking plenty of water, something that you’re going to have to do at least 2-3 times per week (for about 30-45 minutes) is exercise. And one of the most effective forms to get the weight off is to do some cardio.

If the thought of running on a treadmill is not something that excites you, the good news is that there are all kinds of ways to get your cardio in. You can go bicycling riding. You can go swimming. You can even jump rope—and these are just a few things that are considered to be a form of cardio.

But if this hasn’t yet convinced you that cardio is the way to go to get your body the way you want it to be, we’ve provided you with a list of five reasons why it’s so essential for losing weight below:

It burns a lot of calories. When people are seeking to lose weight, one of the main things that they’re striving to get rid of are calories. That’s actually one of the reasons why cardio is so effective. If you vigorously jump rope for 30 minutes, you can burn as much as 330 calories. If you swim laps for 30 minutes, you can burn 297 calories. And, if you walk on a 10 percent incline for 30 minutes. Doing cardio is definitely worth the time and the effort.  Keep reading http://headinformation.com/reviews/stress-reduction-tips-and-techniques-for-you/

It burns a lot of fat too. Something else that you need to get rid of when you want to shed off some pounds is fat. That’s another reason why you should participate in a cardio exercise. Since burning fat requires taking in a high amount of oxygen, when you’re doing things like running or riding your bike, that causes you to breathe harder which results in you losing more fat.

It boosts your metabolism. It’s going to be very difficult to lose weight if you have a slow metabolism. The reason why is because your level of metabolism determines just how quickly you are able to convert food into energy. And while there are some individuals who naturally have a high metabolic rate, if you’re not one of those people, something that you can do to give your metabolism a bit of a boost is to do some cardio. Playing tennis, doing some kickboxing or even chasing your kids around in the backyard are all great ways to kick your metabolism into gear.

It builds your endurance. The more you exercise, the more stamina you build. And the more of that you have, the more working out you can do. As a direct result, you end up burning more calories which means that you end up losing more weight. This is why someone can start off working out for 20 minutes a couple of times per week and in a matter of a couple of months, you can start working out for 45 minutes a few times per week. Cardio is what helps you to be able to work out harder and longer too. It’s what helps to increase your endurance.

It tones your body. There’s one more reason why cardio exercise is essential to losing weight: It helps to tone your body. This is a good thing because as you start to drop the pounds, your muscle needs to be leaner and your skin needs to increase in elasticity. And so, if you are giving your body a cardio workout on a regular basis, you can easily have a fit and trim body in just a matter of months. For information on different forms of cardio exercise that you can participate in, visit Spark People and put “110 cardio workout ideas” in the search field. For information on where to get great workout tools, jump ropes, visit Mats Flooring or Overstock.

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