Showers are good for your well-being!

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Showering feels great doesn’t it? Well, not only does it feel amazing for your body, but studies now show showering to be beneficial for us emotionally as well. Who knew that our morning or evening revitalising power wash could be so good for our psychological well-being? Here are some of the reasons to spend more time in your shower:

Depression Reliever

Taking a cool shower can relieve the symptoms associated with depression. There are many nerve receptors in your skin and a cool shower will send a huge amount of electrical stimulation from these nerve endings to the brain. Amazingly, this has a significant anti-depressant effect. The cold water also helps your body to release endorphins (the stuff that makes you feel good). These endorphins start rushing around your blood stream, into your brain and act as an instant mood lifter.

Energy Boost

Whilst there’s nothing about a cool shower to boost your energy levels from within, there’s no doubt that they do provide something that makes you feel more awake and alert. The feeling of being a shock to the system plus the stimulation of blood flow around your body combine to give you an energised sensation. Increased blood flow means more oxygen is being carried to different parts of the body, making you healthier and more efficient at being you!

Creative Thinking

The act and the environment of showering is highly conducive to the processes of creative thinking. Many a ‘Eureka!’ moment has been experienced whilst in the shower. It’s the perfect time for some peace, some personal space and the chance to contemplate things. According to psychologists, the process of free-flowing thought can only effectively occur when humans are placed in an environment where our subconscious is free, such as somewhere great for relaxation and thought – yes, the shower!

If showering is part of your daily routine, this can also be beneficial for creative thought processes. When a process becomes so routine that you don’t think about while you’re doing it, it’s easier for you to engage your subconscious brain, which is where all the creative juices are waiting to be tapped into!

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So, if you need to thrash through some ideas in your head, go take a shower. To make your bathroom an ever nicer environment to spend time in, why not fit new 8mm shower glass panels from

Improve Sleep

If you want a better night’s sleep, then take a hot or cold shower as either one promotes better sleep. Taking a cold shower offers your body a temperature change when you step back into a warm environment, relaxing you and helping you prepare for sleep. A warmer shower relaxes all the muscles and helps to relieve tension, also good for a pre-bed routine.


Lastly, finding yourself in a warm and calm environment like a shower will always be comfortable. The sound of water is instantly calming, the warm steam and the feel of water washing away the build-up of daily dirt is symbolic of a re-birth, a fresh start and almost a re-setting of your mood and energy levels.

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