Ozzy Osbourne net worth, biography and solo career

Ozzy Osbourne net worth
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His distinctive voice and crazy personality gave him the best years of heavy metal to the seventies. Ozzy Osbourne (December 3, 1948) is perhaps one of the most controversial singers in the world and has accumulated controversies and precious musical successes in equal parts. If music is your thing, then you can’t stop reading the biography and Ozzy Osbourne net worth is remarkable.

Ozzy Osbourne net worth and lifestyleOzzy Osbourne net worth

While Black Sabbath quickly generated a kind of cult among his followers, the music critic considered them an amateur band that had an extremely eccentric and uncommercial style. Ozzy Osbourne net worth counted 220 million US dollars. One of Osbourne’s greatest struggles during his career has been the excessive use of drugs and alcohol, a situation that led him to rehabilitation a couple of times and significantly reduced his musical career performance.

A young British dreamer

John Michael Osbourne was born in the city of Birmingham, England, on December 3, 1948. With a large family of parents of the British working class, Osbourne spent his childhood in a humble two-room house in the town of Aston. Despite not having great wealth, Ozzy – as he was known since childhood – lived a typical childhood under the influence of British culture.

The taste for music came to Ozzy Osbourne during his teens with a song by The Beatles. After leaving high school when he was barely 15 years old – since he suffered from severe dyslexia and was unable to lead a normal student life – Osbourne dedicated himself to work to raise money and start a band with a couple of friends.

In 1967, shortly after spending a day in jail for a series of robberies committed in Aston, Ozzy Osbourne officially formed the mythical heavy metal band Black Sabbath. With an irreverent and undeniably dark style, the band would become one of the great heavy metal bands in the world.

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Ozzy Osbourne and Black SabbathOzzy Osbourne net worth

In 1970 Black Sabbath released his first album Studio, Black Sabbath, from which came the single Evil Woman, considered a classic heavy metal. This first album quickly climbed among the top positions of the music charts and gave Ozzy Osbourne and his band world recognition.

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After a brief tour of some cities in the United States. The band returned to the United Kingdom and recorded their second production, Paranoid. In this new album, he exposed to the maximum its distinctive vocal range with the simple homonym, which had a successful broadcast and gave the band notoriety within the musical guild in Europe and North America.

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After the album Master of Reality, Volume 4, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Sabotage and Technical Ecstasy. Ozzy Osbourne managed to become a legend of the heavy metal, reaching sales. With each of their albums, more than 10 million copies around the world. In addition, several albums were certified with Platinum Records and Gold Records in the United States, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Solo careerOzzy Osbourne net worth

Just arrived in the eighties, and with an enviable musical repertoire. Ozzy Osbourne decided to start a solo career and separate from Black Sabbath. In this way, he launched the Blizzard of Ozz project, an album that collected worldwide praise. And was certified with the Quadruple Platinum Disc in the United States.

His irreverence during this new solo stage led him to reap not only a long list of successes. With albums like Diary of a Madman and No More Tears. Which won a Grammy in 1994 – but also a few media scandals. One of his craziest moments was when. In the middle of a concert, he took a dove’s head from a bite.

Beyond the music

Despite his undeniable talent and perseverance, Ozzy Osbourne decreased. Since the late nineties, his musical productivity to devote himself fully to treat his addictions. In the early 2000s, Osbourne and his family became notable public figures with the reality show The Osbournes. Where they showed the world their crazy and dysfunctional lives.

When the Osbournes show came out, I realized that even with Black Sabbath, I hadn’t been so famous. During this show, it was announced that Ozzy Osbourne suffered from Parkinson’s disease. Which affects the nervous system, producing uncontrollable tremors. Since 2006 Osbourne is part of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame and in 2015 he received the award for the global icon of the MTV Europe Music Awards for his significant contribution to music. We can say than Ozzy Osbourne net worth well enough.

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