A Different type of Honeymoon Holiday

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If you’re planning your wedding at the moment and are busy trying to decide on where to honeymoon, then check out these alternative ideas. If you want a honeymoon to be an experience you’ll remember forever with memories to treasure, then ditch the usual package holidays ideas and try something new. If you’ve not got much of the wedding budget left then you might want to consider a cheaper option.

  1. Staycation

The tradition of going away on holiday only started in the 19th century. Before then, couples would spend a month at home getting to know one another. You should give this idea some serious consideration as you may prefer to save the money to work on projects at home. Imagine how lovely it would be to take that time off work, chill out together doing whatever you want and invest in each other and your home completely. Romantic lie-ins, take-away food, movie nights – sounds like bliss!

  1. Stay in the city or town where you live

This might sound pointless but booking a luxury break close by means you get to be treated like royalty but save on costs like airfare, taxi transfers and all the other expenses of going abroad. See if there is a honeymoon package which should guarantee you some serious pampering, spa treatments and restaurant dining. You deserve to stay looking as amazing as you did in the wedding photographs so have a few luxurious treatments.

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  1. Road Trip

There must be many places in this country or even just the county where you live that you’ve always meant to visit but never got around to. Pack up your car or rent a luxury one for a special treat, you can even make your own picnic and just head out there on your own exciting and personal adventure.

  1. Camping

If you’ve really stretched your wedding budget then a week’s camping could be your only option. But fear not, it can actually be incredibly romantic. You can escape the rat race and just immerse yourself in nature and each other’s company. There are so many beautiful locations around the UK and Europe where you can escape the stresses of daily life and reconnect with nature and yourselves.

  1. Glamping

If you love the theory of number 4 but can’t quite face the whole week in a sleeping bag thing then glamping is a fantastic option. Glamourous camping gives you all the benefits of being at one with nature with none of the inconvenience. Whether you choose a yurt, a shepherd’s hut, rustic barn, geo-dome or safari tent, you’ll find luxury beds, kitchen equipment, toilet facilities and even a cooked breakfast delivered in some sites. Toast your marshmallows and lie under a huge starry sky but then you get to head inside to a log burning fire and thick plush rugs on the floor.  Some of these structures are created with an incredible Fabric Roof, like those that can be erected by a professional company like spatialstructures.com/building-systems-explained and are breathtaking to look at.

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  1. Themed Breaks

There are many activities available now that just didn’t exist a few years ago. Enjoy a week-long retreat where you can both get fully involved in a hobby or activity that you love. Maybe you met each other due to a shared interest in something. Whatever you’re into, see if you can find an exciting themed break that incorporates it.

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