Online certificate: find out what it is and if you can offer it

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  • May 21, 2019
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Online certificate
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In this post, you will explore everything you need to know about the online certificate and its advantages. The term “online certificate” has about 18,100 monthly searches on Google. What does that mean?

It means that more and more people are interested in doing online classes. Generally, the objectives are:

  • Improve the curricula
  • Obtain new qualifications to stand out in the labor market
  • Be updated for a specific area
  • Master new technical or intellectual skills

And the online certificate is the formalization of learning for all that. A course platform that offers the virtual version of the certificate has more chances of winning the public.

What is an online certificate?

Online certificate

The online certificate is a digital version of the document that proves that you have completed a digital course. This document can be easily accessed from any device and included in digital resumes also on social networks like LinkedIn.

Of course, if you need to print it, you can do it with versions for printing.

Another important thing that many people consider is the validity of this certificate. Because it is digital, it can be saved in the cloud or on the student’s computer.

In case it has limited validity, you can make it expire – if it is still online or even leave the term described in the document itself.

The online certificate provides many advantages to the student and who offers the course. Let’s talk about them.

The online certificate courses market

With a growing demand for distance education platforms, the online courses market has been abundant. The niche is promising for those educational institutions that provide comfort to their students and also e-commerce that offer online improvement.

Despite the wide range of possibilities, there is still much to be exploited. For those who want to create online courses, the market has been receptive, provided that the entrepreneur knows how to take advantage of the advantages that the Internet offers him and the student when it comes to learning.

There are several market niches that can still be exploited.

The facilities offered by the Web contribute and further democratize education. For example, some educational institutions face difficulties with face-to-face courses: physical space that involves the number of students, didactic material, costs in terms of taxes…

The investment to be made when it comes to an online certificate course is much less. That is why it is invested in this market more and more.

Not to mention the marketing strategies that are increasingly perfect and make you sell more, offering convenience and other advantages of the digital market.

In addition, through the Web, we find countless online education models that appeal to the public, such as quiz, creative, lightweight and even fun method.

With all that the market offers, you can take advantage to boost your course.

Advantages for students

We are already discussing some of the advantages that the student enjoys with an online certificate. But the list is great, that’s why we’re going to talk about others. They are:

Place it in the formal curriculum

Online courses are very popular. And many are already recognized. That’s why you can calmly attach your online certificate to your CV.

In addition to presenting more information about your education and qualifying it, you can create an interactive curriculum with resources. It will be another of your differentials!

Include it in social networks

Everyone uses social networks for a variety of purposes. Among them, present yourself professionally.

Some certificates can already be published in those media, mainly on LinkedIn, the social network most used for professional purposes.

If you are one of those people who use the social network and are currently doing a course, do not forget to add your certificate in that medium.

Use it as an argument for a promotion at work

If you want a promotion or promotion in your work, the online certificate will be an excellent weapon to achieve your goal.

Many companies already recognize online platforms as trainers of their employees. In some cases, they are even required to conduct online training courses to grant promotions to certain positions.

Advantages for Producers and Affiliates

Of course, esteemed entrepreneur, you can use an online certificate to attract your audience. Let’s list how you can do it:

It serves as a sales argument

With the wide variety of online courses today you have to stand out, and the online certificate will be one of the weapons to achieve it!

But since many courses already have that resource, you can talk about the advantages that yours can have: adaptation to social networks, printed version, validity, registration, entities that accept the document, etc.

Provide more authority to the course

Another accomplished fact for those who grant an online certificate at the end of their course. The document proves your seriousness and that you care about the student, giving him the security of registering his qualification and the benefits of his investment.

It is fully automated

Automating your certificates online, you save time and money. Time because you will not need to fill (or type) every piece of information that the document contains. Money, because you will not need to print them, for example.

To distribute them, you can send them by email in the PDF version or in a link for your student to see and download it.

Everything cheaper and as less manual as possible, saving you mainly money.

How can you offer your students an online certificate?

When we speak in the automation of the online certificate, we are also talking about amenities for the student and for you.

Some platforms allow you to offer your student the convenience of obtaining their certificate online when it suits you.

This can make your life easier because you will not need to make one certificate at a time and shoot emails to distribute them. The Hotmart Club, for example, has an excellent level of automation and simplicity for your student’s use.

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