The 8 best educational programs

best educational programs
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What does your child like to do most and what are the best educational programs? Surely the obvious answer is to play and have fun. Childhood is the most beautiful stage of any human being, but it is also the moment in which the base that will define the personality of adults is built.

In recent years, endless teaching tools have been designed to acquire new knowledge, in a dynamic and fun way. Here we will tell you, what are the best educational programs aimed at the smallest of the house, in short learning will no longer have to be boring.

The 8 best educational programs

GComprisbest educational programs

It is a free software composed of more than one hundred high-quality educational games that include a large number of activities for children between 2 and 10 years. This tool addresses the most academically used disciplines such as algebra, reading, writing, languages, history, and science; additional to other memory games, logic, scientific experiments, among others. It is one of the best educational programs.

Although it offers different high-quality graphic interfaces, its presentation is simple and designed to be manipulated by our children. GCompris is available in more than fifty languages ​​and adapts to the GNU / Linux, BSD, Mac OS, and Windows operating systems.

It is an extraordinary pedagogical resource to be used in educational centers, by virtue of which different profiles can be created according to the categories you require, taking into account the ages, their academic degree or another specific characteristic. We can customize the activities that are intended to be evaluated. And yield the records of scores obtained, accompanied by the best method of awards.

Science & Fun Elesapiens

It combines entertainment with pedagogical quality, in order to promote interactive learning. Includes games, pictures, test, experiments and class projects. Aimed at children between 7 and 13 years. This resource is installed on any device and only requires the browser and Internet connection.

It is divided into didactic units that groups resources of different themes that can be combined. These digital applications integrate comfortably with other educational platforms and are used both at school and at home.

In the same way, it offers the educational programming service for teachers and schools, in order to organize the topics to be developed by themes or quarters during the school year, so that students receive these contents in a timely manner. Curriculum alignment, student group management, homework assignment, and monitoring are services that facilitate the educational experience.

 Small planetary

This application was created with the purpose of bringing information and communication technologies to our children. It has been used satisfactorily in the initial education centers, with the purpose of facilitating the recognition of computers, mouse management and windows, starting digital drawing and writing texts. It is one of the best educational programs.

It is integrated into five aspects of the content and in each of the six activities.

Us. It includes the construction of faces, clothing, coloring, choice of clothes, senses and their relationship with actions and five differences in two drawings.

Medium. It focuses on logical relationships, seasons, recycling, labyrinths, puzzles, and household items.

Animals. Games about animals and products, correct heads, sea animals, equal animals, coloring animals, and the memory of animals.

Lyrics. It refers to the use of the keyboard, coloring letters, mouse strokes, missing letters, word construction, and couples.

Numbers. Object counting, logical relationships, graphomotricity, logical series, the union of points and tangram.

This pedagogical resource is used in children aged 3 to 5 years with highly visual content. It supports the accessibility of users with hearing and visual impairments. We consider it a simple and easy to use a computer application.

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Code.orgbest educational programs

Over the years, information technology has been incorporated universally in most areas. In the curricular contents, we find basic subjects like mathematics, language or biology; IT processes should be included as a fundamental and strategic part of education since it is required in much of the labor market. It is one of the best educational programs. is interested in offering curricula aimed at teaching technology sciences to all children and young people who attend primary and secondary school. It presents a series of courses on computer fundamentals, from the most basic level, and has transition guides to determine the progress made. Another advantage is that educators teach their students the creation of applications, animations, and games in JavaScript, as well as other computer concepts.

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Playing is the funniest way to learn. is based on the theory of multiple intelligence and reinforces the basic mathematical concepts of language, English, art, and logic. It facilitates access to quality interactive education for all children. The games have been developed by the best team of educators, designed to complement the programmatic contents of educational institutions.

This didactic tool has varied activities such as children’s songs, stories, alphabet, math, English, science, coloring pictures, riddles, tongue twisters or other games. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, IOS (IPad) and Android, and is downloaded online.

It is important to note that new technologies contribute to the enrichment of learning environments and increase the interest and attention of infants. Its main feature is that it offers high-quality educational content at no cost. It has been used in 14 countries, in 1243 schools with an average of 1,400,000 children who learn each year with this application.


It is a multiplayer platform that is intended to reinforce and support academic improvement. Motivating the teaching and learning process by incorporating game techniques and dynamics is the mission of Toovari. Practicing and reviewing the contents seen in the classroom is a priority for retention. It is one of the best educational programs.

This game tests the knowledge acquired. It is classified into learning categories and itineraries and each week the student selects some series of activities that he will complete. The resolution of the problems presented will provide you with rewards for obtaining certain benefits.

The participation of the teacher will allow observing the progress of their students and interactions. This is responsible for monitoring and awarding motivation prizes. On the other hand, it is admitted that parents perform certain actions. Such as real-time monitoring of their progress, access to bug reports, performance evolution. And even observing the network of friends. Applies to ages between 8 and 15 years.

KLettresbest educational programs

Learning to read and write is not always a simple task. We may have forgotten the moment we experience these processes, as well as the difficulties involved. Although each child has their own learning pace, KLettres is an application that supports reading and writing and facilitates the recognition of letters and syllables. It is one of the best educational programs.

Its main objective is to help assimilate the first sounds of a certain dialect. And it is aimed at both small and large since it has two modes of use, adult and child. It is perfect to learn a new language, the program is configured to acquire thirteen languages. It is classified into four levels with three themes, for everyone’s tastes. In case of mistakes, the program indicates the correct letter as a help mechanism.


This page proposes multiple games for primary school children, its purpose is to test previous knowledge and includes various levels of difficulty. It is completely free and defends the game as the main instrument of learning and a new way of teaching. It presents more than eighty games and is classified into two main sections: children and primary.

In the children’s section, it is intended to improve the processes of observation and attention, expansion of English and Spanish vocabulary, initiation of algebra and other thematic games.

In the elementary module, some aspects are highlighted, such as learning through play, basic compositions, and decompositions, combined operations, multiplication tables and sums, introduction to equations, spelling and mental calculation; which are classified by grade, according to each age. Also, we find the sections tabs, for all, typing, fun and blog.

In conclusion, online educational programs are an ideal resource for the education system. And serve as a stimulus for the development of children’s basic skills. Social interaction and cognitive and creative abilities are triggered when these learning tools are used.

Using them reduces anxiety, generates positive emotions and increases motivation and interest in learning. Activate all the senses and aims to encourage enthusiasm and skills development. The little ones are addicted to the challenges, so it is not difficult to encourage them to participate in a didactic game. Approaching knowledge has never been as possible as now, accessing thousands of resources is the best advantage of any online educational platform.