The Xiaomi electric bicycle costs less than 500 dollars and has 120 kilometers of autonomy

Xiaomi electric bicycle
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Xiaomi has presented a new electric bicycle embedded in the body of a scooter, which can be purchased for less than 500 dollars offering up to 120 kilometers of autonomy in its version of greater battery capacity.

As it is doing with mobile phones, Xiaomi seems like want to break the market for electric two-wheelers with the introduction of the Himo T1, a new Xiaomi electric bicycle whose appearance is between a bicycle and an electric moped, which will sell from a price of 500 dollars and with which you can travel between 60 and 120 kilometers.

Xiaomi electric bicycle in the electric micromobility market

Xiaomi electric bicycle

Xiaomi is making interesting and significant progress in the electric micromobility market with its international expansion. The first electric scooter called Xiaomi Ninebot, with two wheels in parallel was followed by the now popular Xiaomi Mi, which costs around 400 dollars. He joined a folding electric bicycle called Himo V1 that can be found in the market for approximately the same price. He recently presented a new rigid electric bicycle, larger, the Himo C20, which is on the market for just under 400 dollars.

Now, Xiaomi goes a little further with a Xiaomi electric bicycle that looks like a moped. The Himo T1 can be purchased for less than 500 dollars, offering in return 60 kilometers of autonomy in the case of the simplest version and up to 120 kilometers in the case of the higher battery version.

Himo T1 with two battery capacities

Xiaomi offers the Himo T1 with two battery capacities that achieve a range of 60 and 120 kilometers.

At first glance, the Himo T1 is a Xiaomi electric bicycle embedded in the body of a small electric scooter in scooter format. As it happens in many other cases, the pedals have a testimonial function that manages to make it a legal vehicle in China qualified as an electric bicycle and therefore without the need of registration or insurance. However, its users can support their feet on the base without having to put their feet on the pedals.

The engine is located in the rear hub and offers a rated power of 350 W. Its battery is 48 V with an electric charge of 14 Ah and an energy capacity of 672 Wh. With it he is able to travel up to 60 kilometers with each load. However, the manufacturer offers a 28 Ah option that offers a total of 1.34 kWh capacity that doubles the range up to 120 kilometers. For now, the maximum speed that can develop is not known, although taking into account the Chinese legislation that limits it to 25 km/h, it is assumed that it does not exceed it.

The suspension system, with fork on the front and double shock absorber with helical spring, on the back provide a comfortable and smooth driving. As for the braking system, Xiaomi electric bicycle has in the front wheel mounted a hydraulic disc brake and in the rear employs a drum-driven brake cable supported by the regenerative braking system built into the electric motor that is installed on the wheel. According to Xiaomi, the Himo T1 is capable of fully braking at 4.5 meters. All these components raise their weight, which on the other hand cannot exceed 55 kilograms, according to Chinese legislation.

To start the Himo H1 it is only necessary to press the start button, which turns on the control screen and starts the electric motor and the lighting, formed by an “O” shaped front light, which includes a short light and another long, and a tail light.

For now, the Himo H1 will begin to be commercialized only in the Chinese market as of June 4. Availability is not known in Europe or the United States, although, as happened with previous Xiaomi electric bicycle in their first weeks on sale, it is possible to import them through Chinese online stores such as AliExpress or Gearbest, which have of international shipping. The worldwide expansion of Xiaomi, which includes Spain, makes it very likely that the Himo H1 can be acquired in its physical stores soon, in the same way, that it is possible to acquire its electric scooter there. If so, the Chinese manufacturer will have to adjust its characteristics to comply with European legislation to be considered a pedelec bicycle: maximum power of the 250W engine, assistance up to 25 km/h and which is only available when pedaling.

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