Weight Loss: The Truth And Lies

Weight Loss
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Losing weight is everyone’s choice to be fit and healthy. Some others want to look ultra slim and light. Losing weight is close to so many people nowadays that there are lots of rumors and myths around it. Some may be close to the truth but others do not require our attention at all. There is no link between scratching head to lose hair or drinking water to gain weight. Here in this article, we provide you with the best way to put the myths behind and find the best way to lose weight.

More the Body Weight More Is the Exercise Required

People assume that the greater is their weight the greater is their need to exercise. While the extent of day to day exercise depends on various other factors, its influence on weight loss is favourable. But if you go on an abrupt exercise schedule after a decade-long dormancy, you are risking yourself on losing weight. Whether you lose weight or not, you will surely end up tired and fatigued. Instead of walking 10 miles a day to compensate your body weight, a slow implementation of exercise with a well-balanced diet is better.

Stress and Weight Gain

Stress is related to various diseases and psychological states. Weight changes do occur due to stress, but there is no direct correlation between stress and weight gain. However, reducing the stress levels will help you to concentrate on your life better and lead a risk-free life.

Eat More, You Will Lose Weight Anyway

Some of us are so addicted to food that we need all kinds of junk food, ice creams, chocolate, brownies, chicken and 3 big meals. On top of it, our life has become so sedentary that it is hard to find time for some workout or a small walk. In such a scenario, all you can do is control your cravings for the food items and do some easy workouts that you like.

Skip Meals, I Will Never Gain Weight

In the hope of losing weight, people start starving. They skip their breakfast, eat very little that they always feel an emptiness in their stomach. This can lead to changes in the dynamics of the digestive system that can be severely dangerous. But the fact is that the moment you skip breakfast, you remain hungry all day and your cravings for food increases. The best solution for this is to reduce the amount of food taken but take a small amount of food every 2 to 3 hours. Meals may be divided into smaller parts and had 4 to 6 times every day.

If I Eat At Night, I Will Never Lose Weight

Another group of people tends to think of eating at night can make me heavier. Yes, at night the metabolic rate is reduced in the body due to which the calories are not used up. These unspent calories then get deposited in the form of fat which will add on to the weight. Instead, eating good meals in the daytime and eating moderately or skipping dinner can help lose weight.

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