What To Wear With Colored Tights In 2019

What To Wear With Colored Tights In 2019
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Colored women’s tights – one of those fashion trends, which then disappear, then return to the podium. In the winter-spring season of 2019, the designers again turned to bright bows and combinations with colorful and one-colored tights of all colors of the rainbow. How to choose and with what to wear this ambiguous article of clothing?

Key recommendations

To begin with, it is worth emphasizing that juicy, saturated colors or motley patterns in the image – this is initially a provocation, especially when it comes to girl’s legs. That is why it is necessary to apply a fashionable trend and tastefully, correctly combining it with the main image, clothes, shoes, and accessories, otherwise, you risk turning into a clown or a vulgar girl. Avoid screaming shades, large and small patterns, prints, as well as white and lurex tights should be plump girls and ladies with the shape of the legs, far from ideal. Color and shine will only draw attention to the flaws in the figure.

Thin kapron tights in color do not look as advantageous as thick. Warm winter and spring models of bright colors do not look blurry, slim and emphasize the beauty of female legs.

What To Wear With Colored Tights In 2019

Combination of colored tights and clothes

Choosing your favorite color tights, think about whether in your wardrobe those things with which they would be appropriate to combine. There are several basic rules, a kind of win-win options developed by stylists and designers for bright tights.

  1. Colored tights look great with clothes of muted tones, with sets of gray, brown, black colors, in a single bright accent. Such a total bow, diluted with colored tights.
  2. Tights in tune with a skirt, dress, shoes, look less defiant, visually lengthen legs and slim.
  3. The accessory in tone with pink, blue, yellow tights will help to create a complete and harmonious image without vulgar bloom.
  4. Colorful dresses, products with ornaments, patterns are perfectly combined with colored tights, balancing their brightness, if you pick up the latest in tone to one of the shades used in prints on clothes.
  5. One of the win-win images is total onions in one color (noble red, saturated with blue, sunny yellow). Do not forget to dilute the monotony with at least one accessory – a black or silver handbag, a belt, a brilliant decoration.
  6. The combination of colored tights with a blouse, baddon of the same shade on the background of a dark skirt and shoes.

What To Wear With Colored Tights In 2019

Bright shades in trend

Saturated blue, green, red-colored tights are suitable for both young girls and older women, the main thing is to skillfully combine them with the rest of the wardrobe.

What shoes to wear bright tights?

It is believed that with colored yellow, green and turquoise tights it is difficult to create an elegant look. Of course, it’s impossible to call it classic, but dark shoe boots, boots with a small steady heel in combination with the same dark top will easily balance flashy colors. Avoid stiletto shoes. Another way – to pick up shoes to match the tights, creating a great image for the party.

Dark green, brown, burgundy colored tights look great with brown and black shoes, Mary Jane shoes, ballet flats, pumps, ankle boots, and even white sneakers or sneakers, as in the photo, are appropriate.

Casual and festive images

The perfect combination of dense tights saturated shades form with things from denim, tweed, knitwear. Denim skirt and “jolly” tights are easily balanced by sneakers, ankle boots, and a classic leather jacket or dark-skinned leather jacket. Fashionable tweed skirts should not be too short, the length is better to choose midi or maxi, combining them with dark and rich noble tones of tights. This image is suitable even for the office.

Simple, but cute and relevant look with colored warm tights and knitted dresses, sweater dresses. A warm dress of soft pastel tones, pearly gray or creamy white of large knitting, complete with black ankle boots on a small heel, burgundy, dark blue or emerald tights – a bright and absolutely non-vulgar bow. If you are going to a party, use tips on shoes, dresses or skirts to match pantyhose.

What To Wear With Colored Tights In 2019

Current trends 2019

In the new season, many “old acquaintances” from the 80s and 90s returned to the podium. Added to them and new design solutions. Among them are tights of the following shades and styles:

  • transparent lurex;
  • shiny silver;
  • khaki, motley military style;
  • with imitation tattoos and various patterns.

Try to try on your wardrobe design ideas and combinations, or develop your exclusive version based on our recommendations and your own preferences. White and lurex tights create a trendy look for a teenage girl, slightly naive and innocent. They can be combined with dresses and skirts in the style of baby dollars, with ruffles, frills or with bright short dresses. Silver tights – an attribute of the club style, they are worn with short skirts, dresses, tunics, and shiny accessories.

Military style tights in military style can be worn under dark knit, denim or leather shorts, with a long sweatshirt, tunic, leather jacket or two-tone pilot jacket. An ideal addition would be grunge boots with tractor soles.

Tattoos and patterns on pantyhose are only for girls with perfect legs. They can be worn with dresses of different lengths, shoes with an average heel, ballet shoes, denim skirts, and shorts. Such an image will be perky and fun, the main thing is to avoid too high hairpins and red tones in clothes, so as not to look defiant. Good luck in making fashionable bows with tights of your favorite shades!

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