Ways to improve your finishing

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Whatever position you play on the pitch, every player understands the importance of being a good finisher. It makes you a better player with more all-round skills and benefits the team greatly. If you want to know some tips to improve your understanding of finishing, then read on:

  1. What is your weakness?

Before focusing on how to get better at something, it’s important to know what you are doing and what you’re not doing already. When it comes to strikers and midfield players, they often they are not positioning themselves consistently in the right place to score. Others find they need more work on their other foot, the less dominant kicking foot. Identify what it is that’s holding you back, so you can take steps to improve.

  1. Watch the goalie

Keeping your eye on the position of the goalkeeper is another way to improve your aim on goal. If you have no experience of training as a goalkeeper, it can be useful to do some goalkeeping drills to gain a better appreciation and understanding of what they do in different scenarios. This should give you a better instinct for knowing where the goalie might position his or herself when you go to shoot the ball. This will help you adjust your play and make finishing a bit easier. For a whole range of Soccer training drills, visit https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Soccer/drills.jsp

  1. Go for the lower third of goal

Don’t be tempted to aim high when you approach goal. Most goals, in whatever level of competition are scored in the lower third of the net. It has been proven that if you consistently aim lower, you have a far higher percentage of shots on target. it’s also a far easier shot to make and tricky for the goalie.

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  1. Less power, more placement

A common mistake is to all your power behind a shot and while this makes sense if you’ve caught the goalkeeper on the hop, more often than not it makes more sense to ease off the power and focus more on the placement of the ball. You need to focus more on making the ball go where you most want it to go – the back of the net. Hitting the spot is therefore more important than getting it there as hard and fast as possible.

  1. Avoid hesitation

Finishing problems are often caused by hesitation when a goal-scoring opportunity comes along. Those who hesitate are not confident in their ability to score. Remember though, it’s always better to try than to pass over the chance. If you don’t go for it, you’re not going to end that cold spell of no goals.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Training and practice is important, you know that already. If you want to improve your finishing, you should relish every opportunity to hone your craft. There are tons of drills available and team drills to work on recognising opportunities to score. Regular training will provide you with plenty of feedback from coaches on what’s good and what needs work. That feedback from trained coaches is vital so listen to their tips and advice.

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