Vinyl decor ideas at home to look it more beautiful

Vinyl decor ideas
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Over the years, the decoration of homes tends to tire. Seeing every day the same decoration can cause boredom and leads us to raise the need for a change. But the reforms sometimes scare: paint walls, change pictures, etc. Any modification of this type implies effort and sometimes a lot of money…

But there are formulas to change the image of our home without the need for great investments or extraordinary efforts. With vinyl decor ideas, the elements are very easy to place and you can completely change the appearance of the house with them.

What is a vinyl?

Vinyl decor ideas

The vinyl is a flexible material that allows decorating walls, furniture and flat surfaces quickly and economically. Until a few years ago, it was used mostly in the decoration of shops and establishments, but it is increasingly common to find it in homes.

In many houses, decorative vinyls have replaced the paintings and plates. There are many sizes and designs: flowers, seascapes, mountains, cities … the catalog is vast. It is an economical material and very easy to install. In addition, it is easily removed and can be saved for other occasions.

Vinyl decor ideas for each stay

They can be installed anywhere in the house. In recent years we have seen how the options have increased a lot and every time we find products with more quality, which come close to design schools of fine arts and design, with which we can create comfortable spaces with personality in different rooms.


The catalog of proposals to decorate a room with vinyl decor ideas includes floral motifs to friezes or reproductions of famous paintings. The faces of the cinema and the positive phrases are also very demanded, as well as the images with open windows that provide a sense of depth. In terms of location, the possibilities are multiple. We can place them on the sofa, on a side wall or on top of a low piece of furniture. They even give very good results on the surface of smooth furniture.


In a bedroom can bring a touch of elegance and comfort. A very used resource is the old or floral borders, which combine very well with vintage type furniture. Lotus flowers, Buddha images or elements of nature may also be appropriate. To decorate children’s rooms with vinyl decor ideas, the catalogs include cartoons, comic characters, car silhouettes and a multitude of animals.


Completely renovating a kitchen is complicated, but we can change it radically. To decorate a kitchen with vinyl we have multiple options: silhouettes of utensils, plates, cups, chefs, phrases … Another interesting proposal is a blackboard stamped with the days of the week, where you can write notes or adhere Post-it. In terms of location, there are several options: walls, furniture and even large appliances can be a good place.


Can we decorate a bathroom with vinyl decor ideas? Of course, yes. The doors with the silhouette of a man or a woman are very funny. They can also be placed on the base of the toilet and there are amazing models that simulate animals coming out of the bowl.


To decorate a hall there are elegant proposals, such as welcome phrases or floral elements. In many homes, the vinyls have complemented the classic mirror that is placed on top of the receiver.

As you see they offer ample possibilities for decoration, they exist with endless themes and for each stay of the house. Dare to try vinyl decor ideas, for a small amount of money you can completely change the decoration of the house.

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