Why Van Owners Need to Be More Careful of Thieves Than Ever Before

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If you’re a van owner and, in particular, if you use it for your business and store tools and equipment in it, you will already be aware that there has been a significant increase in thefts from these vehicles over recent years. But how are thieves able to gain access to vans so easily?

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The Rise of the Smart Key

The problem seems to have increased in direct correlation with the number of keyless vehicles being sold. These vans are great if you’ve got your hands full, as you don’t have to fumble about getting the key out of your pocket – simply lift the handle while the key is in close proximity and the vehicle will unlock. But it seems that thieves have managed to find a way to intercept the circuit and gain easy access to many vehicles without the need to break windows or jemmy locks – risking setting off alarms.

Van owners are so concerned about the rising problem that the BBC recently reported on a protest that took place in Devon by over on hundred and fifty tradespeople.

Vans have also become increasingly popular targets with thieves, as there is the potential for a double payout – the vehicle and its contents of often valuable tools and equipment.

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How to Protect Your Vehicle

One of the best ways to protect your vehicle is to not store these valuables items inside, but of course this isn’t always practical, particularly if you are away from home on a job.

But if you can, you should always empty the contents of your vehicle into a secure storage facility overnight. To make it easier, there are some modifications that you can make to your vehicle such as van lining and storage boxes. These can make it easier to store your tools in a methodical way that makes it easier to lift out boxes at night rather than loose tools.

Companies such as http://www.vehicle-accessories.net/Interior/Van-Linings/Plylining have been providing these types of solutions to van owners for over fifteen years.

Of course, lining your van can also help to make best use of the available space while protecting the interior of the vehicle from damage.

There are also any number of immobilisers and sophisticated alarms that can also be added to vehicles to improve their security.

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