How to use condoms and lubricant for Pleasure and Safety

use condoms
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Sex is not only about penetration. There are various other exciting sexual activities other than penetrating. However, most of the people end up with penetrative sex. It can be anal penetration or vaginal penetration; most people prefer it. Unlike any other sexual activity, it is compulsory to use condoms during penetrative sex because such act can transmit diseases and infections rapidly. When using condoms, users MUST know how to use them properly in addition to making sure that they use condoms regularly. In fact, when you use condoms, you do not have to worry about the consequences like STIs, STDs and unwanted pregnancy, and therefore, you can experience your intercourse with free mind.

Some people complain about condoms fails such as tearing or bursting. A vast majority of these fails occur because of the wrong manipulation. If you use enough lubricants with the condoms, you will not experience such annoying situations. Continue Reading 4 Occupational Diseases to be Aware of

How to use condoms?

How-to-wear-a-condom” is generally demonstrated by placing the condom onto a banana. However, it is not the perfect way to demonstrate a such act because some people may get misguided with the way it is performed.

In fact, using a condom is pretty easy. There is nothing fancy about is. Once you put on the condom in the perfect manner, you will never experience occurrences like bursting, breaking, leaking or slipping off during sex.

Here are some instructions to get the most out of a condom.

  • Go for a reliable and reputed brand
  • Never expose unused condoms to direct sunlight. Never use used condoms and be careful about tearing the pack.
  • Use a proper lubrication. Water based lubrications are the best ones and make sure to avoid the oil based lubrications.
  • Be sure to dismiss any air by holding the teat of the condom between thumb and forefinger.
  • You should unroll the condom towards the base of the penis while it is in full erection
  • Be sure to apply enough amount of lubricants all over the condom. You may re-apply lubricants during the sex if necessary
  • When you need to withdraw, be sure to hold the condom tightly to the base of the penis. It will prevent any possible leakages
  • You shouldn’t re use a condom. Throw the used condom and put a new one in case of starting again.
  • Your penis should be out of any grease or lubricant before putting the condom on
  • Be sure to pull the foreskin back before covering it with the condom.
  • Never try to cover the testicles with the condom. You can’t do it.
  • Eliminate air bubbles by smoothening the condom
  • Apply lube inside your partner’s vagina or anus
  • Never use anything like Vaseline, petroleum jelly, cooking oils, butter, hand cream or body lotion as lubricants
  • It is better if you withdraw occasionally and check the condom and to add more lubricant.
  • Using two condoms at once will not help you. Instead it will cause the condoms to break quickly because of the excessive friction
  • Do not ever use the same condom on two people

Despite all the instructions it is important to use a condom before any penetration. If you use a condom only at the middle of a session, it is pointless. It is all about protection. Awareness is the most important thing.

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