The 14 types of sport that exist

types of sport
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Physical activity is indisputably beneficial to our health. It improves our cardiovascular, metabolic and mood functions, as well as reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and significantly lengthening our life expectancy. There are many types of sports exist.

For this reason, in this article, we will talk about sport, a way of staying active while participating in activities of a more or less social nature depending on the characteristics of the exercise.

Types of sport

The importance of sport at the sociocultural level is clear. The glorification of athletes and the celebration of world-wide events are clear testimony of the privileged site of sports in the hearts of people. Through sport we experience a feeling of community that goes from small neighborhoods to national events.

Each sport is different and there are several ways to categorize them. Here are some sports classifications so that we know better the variety of sporting events that exist.

According to the terrain

One of the broadest and simplest ways to categorize sports is according to the area in which they are practiced since we can expect certain common characteristics regarding equipment or conditions in those sports that are carried out in the same environment. Traditionally this classification has four types:

1. Indoor or tracktypes of sport

Indoor sports are categorized in this way as they are carried out in indoor facilities suitable for carrying out the activity. We would find for example table tennis, also known as ping pong, futsal, ice hockey or any sport that develops in a ring or platform, such as contact sports.

2. Terrestrials

Although the vast majority of indoor sports occur on more or less solid ground, the classification of land sports also includes those that take places off-site, such as some climbing modalities, or the cross-country race.

3. Aquatictypes of sport

Water sports are carried out, as the name implies, in the aquatic environment. We would find everything from water sports based on sailing, such as racing on sailboats, to ball sports that take place in an aquatic environment such as water polo.

This category would include all those sports that need to be carried out in the water, such as swimming in all its forms.

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4. Aerialtypes of sport

Air sports require greater purchasing power and are linked to higher mortality rates than other types of sport. Even so, its practice under the supervision of professionals is usually an unforgettable experience full of adrenaline.

We would find air sports such as skydiving, hang gliding, or aeromodelling, all of them requiring specialized equipment and detailed knowledge of the safety measures necessary for the safe development of these activities.

According to equipment

Depending on the specific equipment of the sport, we can find several different types. We can find, for example:

1. Motorsportstypes of sport

Motorsports are also relatively recent. They have usually carried out thanks to the pattern of teams, organizations linked to the motor world (such as motor vehicle manufacturers). We would find subtypes according to the vehicle used (cars, motorcycles …) as well as the characteristics of the vehicles, usually the engine power.

2. Sports with a weapon

Weapon sports are a legacy of the war history of mankind. Our ability to use tools right-handed is very characteristic of our species, so sports that use weapons usually require considerable skill and precision. It is one of the types of sport.

Examples of weapon sports would be different types of fencing, as well as sports that use firearms, such as target shooting or biathlon, a sport that combines cross country skiing with rifle shooting.

3. Ball sportstypes of sport

There are many cultures that have independently developed sports in which a spherical object to manipulate is used to achieve victory. The clearest examples of this type of sport are, of course, football or basketball.

4. Bat sportstypes of sport

Bat sports also gain immense popularity in some areas of the world, such as baseball in all of America and Japan. Or cricket in countries traditionally influenced by English culture.

5. Horse sports

Horses have been a method of transportation and communication for thousands of years. It is natural that the ability to ride horse riders has resulted in sports where they work in conjunction with the animal to assume a goal.

Clear examples of this type of sport would be horse riding competitions with their different subclasses, in addition to sports such as polo, where you play with a horse and maces to get a ball between two sticks that act as a goal.

6. Table sports

Table sports, as the name implies, are those that use small surfaces of different materials for their practice. Skateboarding or surfing are examples. It is one of the types of sport.

7. Digital sports

Despite being the subject of debate its inclusion with the rest of sports, it is not a secret at this point that video games have competitive leagues in which professional “athletes” compete for large sums of money.

Clear examples of “e-sports”, as these types of activities are called, would be, for example, MOBA games. Such as DOTA or League of Legends, as well as “shooter” games. Such as Counter-Strike, fighting games such as Tekken or Street Fighter as well as strategy games, such as Starcraft

This type of sports can have very durable competitive scenes as in the case of the aforementioned Starcraft. Even so, the rapid evolution of game development technology makes many of these obsolete after the appearance of new games that improve the features, usually graphic or playable, of previous versions.

This generates a migration of competitive players between different games as they are released. And the constant renewal of viable rules and strategies for each game version.


Other sports classifications

Within the different types of sports, we can find clearly defined subtypes, which is a strong impediment to finding a classification of all types of sport. According to the Guinness book of records, in 2003 there were at least 8,000 different sports. But sports are constantly being created, such as Quidditch.

One of these classifications in subtypes is clear in the world of martial arts, where we will find:

1. Glue sports

Glue contact sports consist of those combat sports where the direct control of the opponent by grips is penalized. Or not encouraged, these types of contact being avoided by the referee’s action. Despite not being allowed, the nature of combat ends up generating situations in which the grip is inevitable.

In purely hit sports we will find Boxing or Taekwondo, where grabs are not allowed.

2. Grip sports

Grip sports are polarly opposed to punching sports and are those in which, by manipulating the opponent. The opponent can gain control of the opponent according to established norms. Strokes are not allowed in this type of sport. It is one of the types of sport.

Within this type of sport, we would find the different types of fighting (wrestling or grappling in English). Such as Greco-Roman wrestling. Judo’s martial art is also a sport of grip, in which not only the body of his opponent is manipulated directly but also through his clothing.

3. Mixed category sports

The new times have unified combat and grip combat sports to simulate more realistic free combat conditions. The MMA, known as mixed martial arts, is an example of sports competition in which both grips and punches are allowed.

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