Types of floor edging to consider

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If you have decided to update the flooring in your home, it would be prudent to also consider the edge style of your selected floorboards. Terms such as micro, bevel and square pertain to the shape of the edges of a floorboard. Although the style of the edge of your floorboard may seem a minute detail, it can dramatically influence the overall feel and aesthetic of your flooring.

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You will not be hampered by the dilemma of too much choice when it comes to flooring edge types, as there are six main styles. Let’s look at the features and benefits of each:

1) Bevelled edged

Floorboards with bevelled edges have a rustic aesthetic thanks to their unique grooves. These are perfect for those who want to create a relaxed feel. Having bevelled edges also allows for easy maintenance of your floor, as the urethane finish means dirt can effortlessly be vacuumed or swept out of the grooves.

2) Scraped edge

This type of flooring employs the bevel to accentuate each plank. Similar to the bevelled edge style, it has a rustic appearance, which is enhanced by its scraped texture.

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3) Square edge

If you are seeking a more sophisticated and traditional appearance, square edge flooring is a seamless option. A square edge flooring aesthetic goes well with a diverse range of flooring pieces. It can also be easily maintained, as dirt is not inclined to get between the boards. Squared edges are also available in engineered flooring from specialists such as https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.ie/engineered-flooring.html.

4) Micro edge

If you are looking for a slightly more pronounced alternative to the square edge, the micro edge might be the perfect option for you. This edge helps to encase each of the floorboards to highlight the individual appearance of each plank.

5) Micro-bevelled edge

This style is also known as eased edge flooring and has all the benefits of its bevelled counterpart. It consists of a mini-bevel that helps to conceal any small imperfections or irregularities, creating a less rustic look than the full bevelled edge alternative.

6) Pillowed edge

As the name infers, pillowed edges are rounded in appearance and are commonly found on antique floors. If you favour a traditional look, this is a great option to consider.

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