Which Type of Boiler is Best for You?

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Whichever boiler you choose depends greatly on the size of your home and what your central heating requirements are. There are three main types of boiler found in UK homes:

Combination Boilers

Otherwise known as a combi boiler, these provide hot water and heating directly from the boiler. This means you get a powerful shower for example. The hot water is sent directly to the shower head or taps, with no pump so it’s coming at mains pressure. They are an efficient choice for cutting energy bills, saving energy and for homes where space is limited. They are the most popular boiler choice in the UK. As there is no tank and minimal pipework, they are also normally cheaper to install. For Gloucester Boiler Installation, visit http://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boilers/boiler-installation-gloucester/

  • Perfect for smaller homes with limited storage space or homes without much storage space
  • Efficient in terms of energy and cost
  • Ideal for one bathroom but might not suit homes with more than one bathroom
  • Come in electric, gas or oil varieties

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Conventional Boiler

Otherwise referred to as an open vent or regular boiler, they also work by heating the water and radiators of your home. They do require a cold-water storage tank in the loft space as well as a tank that helps to maintain the central heating’s water levels. You will need an adequate amount of space in your loft and home.

  • They are ideal for homes with more than 2 bathrooms
  • They suit homes that already have a traditional hot water and heating system
  • Needs plenty of space
  • Not quite as economical to run as a smaller combi boiler

System Boiler

A system boiler has both the hot water and heating components built into the boiler. There is still a need for a cylinder to store the hot water though. You won’t need to have a tank in the attic, but you might have to wait a while for your hot water to heat up and it could run out on you.

  • Perfect for properties with more than 2 bathrooms
  • No space required for a tank in the loft
  • Efficient and economical to run

The best boilers to choose from are the ones manufactured by long-standing names in the industry. These include companies such as Worcester Bosch, Viesmann, Ideal and Vaillant are trusted names in boilers. Choosing of these will give you peace of mind that your boiler will be of the highest quality. You should also consider the efficiency of each boiler, looking at the unit’s energy rating. Choosing an A rated boiler will help cut your energy costs significantly.

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