Top Reasons to Buy Reclaimed Wood Furniture

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With a lot of focus on plastic causing devastation to our environment at the moment, we are all doing our bit to reduce its use. At the same time, there are other materials that we can use to actually bring about a positive effect on the environment, and reclaimed wood is one of those.

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Here we’ll consider some of the benefits of buying reclaimed wood furniture.

The Environment

The wood has already been harvested and so has a significantly lower carbon footprint in its manufacture compared to new wood furniture. Deforestation continues to have a devastating impact on the environment, which is why recycling became popular as a source of sustainable wood.


The types of trees and wood used years ago were of a better quality than those of today, and our older wood is known to be much better than the virgin wood used to make new furniture. Basically, it’s a harder and sturdier type of wood. In addition to that, every piece of reclaimed wood holds a unique character, maybe a scratch or a stain, not found in newly manufactured furniture.

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Much of the wood used long ago is from trees that are no longer grown or found at affordable prices. Shop around and you’ll find a huge variety of reclaimed wood furniture. Some may be in its original form, and other items may be from today’s designers using salvaged wood to create more modern furniture with a vintage look.


There are some fantastic pieces of wooden furniture to be found, and it’s fun to go around any reclamation yard in Ireland. Be aware that the furniture may be large and you might not find a matching suite, but the unique and classic designs can easily fit in to today’s interior designs.

What’s more, in the reclamation yards you should be able to find other items of furniture to complement your grand wood furniture such as these beautiful cast iron baths found at

There are plenty of reasons to step away from popular Swedish modern furniture and start to consider reclaimed wood furniture when furnishing your space. Step up your positive impact on the environment and keep an eye out for unusual and beautiful pieces of historical wooden pieces next time the interior design bug kicks in.

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