9 tips to improve home lighting

tips to improve home lighting
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Prepare paper and pencil because we put at your disposal the best tricks and guidelines to improve home lighting: nuances that dress your home transforming its spheres, creating new environments, improving intensity … Whatever your case, surely you can get some idea to apply. Today we share some tips to improve home lighting.

Tips to improve home lighting

Not dazzletips to improve home lighting

The lighting in your rooms should never dazzle and is better without shadows. To do this, before placing your lamps, a test which areas are left with shadows and how it is the best way to prevent light from dazzling, the key is to make it soft and uniform. Also, if you like light walls, a trick that will improve lighting is not to put them white but with a similar hue: off-white, beige …

Say yes to the light spots!tips to improve home lighting

Multiply them: they soften the atmosphere and distribute the attention creating a feeling of spaciousness. A single point of light, for example on the ceiling, can create too aggressive lighting and if they are not energy efficient and are too powerful they will spend more, it will give the impression of being smaller. Not to mention how uncomfortable it is to be constantly trying not to have shade, the solution? Add lateral foci that counteract these effects.

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Mix various types of light

Apart from using more than one point of light, it is interesting to mix several types of light within a room in order to play with its effects and transmit some sensations or others: a warm light will make your stay more comfortable while a cold light will provoke tranquility or energy depending on how you distribute it.

Play with lighting

Playing with lighting can help you emphasize and hide the presence of objects. Lighting allows you to highlight a piece of furniture, a painting, etc. Of course, for this type of lighting, known as decorative or indirect, consider using halogen lamps with dimmers. There are other allied resources to make the lighting of your house more welcoming: candles, curtains, auxiliary lamps, the color of the furniture, mirrors; For example, a trick that will give style to your house is to opt for illuminated mirrors with sconces.

Uses focal light to improve home lightingtips to improve home lighting

Take advantage of the focal light, a very useful complement to general light and ideal for defined spaces such as reading corners or study areas.

Take care of the bathroom and kitchen lighting

Something essential is having good light in the bathroom and kitchen. Central lighting is usually less intimate, although less and less in bathrooms, and there is a tendency to opt for artificial but very effective white light from fluorescent tubes. In the kitchen, try adding several points of light on the counter, sink, etc. It will make your day to day easier. In the bathrooms, the mirror is especially relevant and a very successful option is to add light to the furniture, with low-consumption halogens.

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