How your teeth develop over time

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Our teeth work incredibly hard for us on a daily basis and SJR Dental Private Dentist Leicester help us to ensure that they are in the best possible condition. We all know that we need to watch the amount of sugar that we consume and regularly clean and floss our teeth each day, but are you aware of how your teeth develop?

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Whilst a foetus is developing the basic tooth substance begins to form from around six weeks, with the harder tissues that cover the teeth forming between three- and four-months gestation. The base of our teeth is developed well before we are even born and is one of the reasons as to why pregnant women are encouraged to enhance their calcium and folic acid intake.

Following on from birth at some point between 5 and 8 months (this will vary for each child) the first milk teeth will start to break through the surface of the gums. The first teeth usually to emerge are the incisors at the front of both the top and bottom jaws. A child’s teeth are smaller than an adult due to the fact that their jaws are much smaller. Between 16 and 23 months of age the canine teeth appear either side of the incisors, the final eight teeth then appear, and all the teeth, 20 in total, should be formed in the mouth from around two years of age. But again, this will defer for each individual.

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Somewhere around the age of 6 a child’s milk teeth will start to move in the mouth and will be pushed out by the adult teeth that are appearing below the surface of the gums. The order that the milk teeth fall out will again differ for each child but generally begins again with the 8 incisors and will then be followed but the canines and then the premolars. Separate to our milk teeth around the age of 7 a child will have their first set of molars appear and the second will appear around the age of 12. These teeth are not replaced by other adult teeth.  It will take a number of years for all of the teeth to fall out and be replaced with their adult counterparts, but this is generally finished by the time they are 13 years old.

For some people wisdom teeth will also appear somewhere from their late teens through to their 20s. Once these appear you have your final set of teeth that will last you for the rest of your life.

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