Student Cleaning Hacks

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As a student, you’ve got loads more things to be doing than cleaning your accommodation. Whether it’s time to study, sleep or party – it is very rarely, if ever, time to clean. However, living in a bear cave is only fun for so long and there will come a day when both you and your housemates know action must be taken. The good news is that there are lots of cleaning hacks to make the chores much easier and you don’t even need to own cleaning equipment. Let’s get started:

1.Coke for the toilet

Yes, it seems like a terrible waste but it’s either part with the last of your soft drink or go to the shop to buy toilet cleaner. Coke fizzes up nicely to leave a lovely shiny toilet pan, that will smell pretty good too!

2. Milk bottle dustpan

No dustpan? No problem. Next time you finish off the plastic bottle of milk in the fridge, cut out the side, including the handle and hey presto – you have a dustpan. It’s important to keep your Student Accommodation Gloucester clean, hygienic and tidy.

3. Lemons for the kettle

When life gives you lemons, put them in the kettle! Pop in a lemon and some water, bring to the boil and you’ll have very easily descaled your kettle.

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4. Foiled

Did you know that you can speed up your ironing by placing foil underneath your clothes? For those of you studying science, this should come as no surprise. For the rest of us, the heat reflected from the foil means you only have to iron one side.

5. Inky Mess

Pens leaked ink everywhere? Fear not, you can clean that up simply with a blast of some hairspray.

6. Vinegar in the microwave

Place a bowl of water inside your microwave with a few tablespoons of vinegar in it and cook on high for a couple of minutes until all steamy and boiling. Now you have a lovely clean microwave with no scrubbing involved!

7. Baby wipes – not just for babies!

If you’re yet to discover the wonder of the baby wipe, then brace yourselves! Baby wipes actually clean some stuff really well. Try them on white appliances, the oven hob and especially on coffee stains.

8. Read All About It!

Got some old newspapers lying around? Use these to give your windows a wipe and then you’ll remember what the garden looks like. A spritz of water and vinegar, a rub down with some scrunched up newspaper and job done. Just don’t use it on the window frames.

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9. Why wash?

Out of laundry detergent? Don’t panic. To freshen up your jeans, simply place them in the freezer overnight!

10. Scratched leather?

If you’ve damaged or scratched leather furniture, especially chairs and sofas then use a touch of shoe polish to help with scratches and scuffs.

11. Another one bites the dust

Got an inch-thick layer of dust on every surface? No dusters? No fear. Just grab an old sock and use that instead.

12. Say Cheese!

Annoying hard cheesy bits stuck in your grater? No need to scrub, simply grate a potato on it instead.




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