Stopping Workplace Bullying

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When we speak about bullying, we usually imagine playground bullies stealing pocket money or toys from younger children. But the fact is, bullies exist in all walks of life and at all ages – and it is very common to find bullies in the workplace. Many of us have known a workplace where bullying goes on and sadly many people have themselves been the victim of a workplace bully.

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Bullying at work can be done by anyone and takes many forms. Some people are unfairly singled out and picked on – put down, shouted at or derided. Some bullying can be more subtle, involving spiteful comments, snide remarks, lies and gossip being spread around by the bully to other workers.

If you dread going to work and in particular spending time with one person in particular, you are probably the victim of a workplace bully. Over time, bullies at work can cause a huge psychological toll on their victims, and because we spend so much time at work can make a vast portion of their life miserable.

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A good manager will not only notice what is going on but will take measures to stop it. Bullying in the workplace is unacceptable. If the bullying is being done surreptitiously, the manager may not have noticed, but do not worry about having a conversation with your manager about it. If you have any evidence of the bullying that has been going on do show them as well. This can be emails or text messages for example.

A healthy working environment is only created when bullying in the workplace is stamped out. Good ways to foster a good work ethic and team spirit is a person such as inspirational speaker UK based Jamie McDonald, who can speak with the team and get them feeling happy and motivated. Another good way is through office team building games and activities that promotes teamwork.