Why you have to stay ahead of the Fashion game.

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What can you do to stay ahead of the fashion game? For men it’s never been more of a prominent issue that they become the dedicated follower of fashion that the modern world requires. Why is this the case? At one time a flat cap, tweed or wool suit and a load of white shirts was more than enough. If you were feeling really flush you might have had a fedora. It’s strange to think that before the days of the bulging closet that we have now there was very little in it. If you are in need of an update or three then look at Calvin Klein Menswear at EJ Menswear for a good start.

The reason for this is a sign of the growing affluence that we now have plus the changing nature of the jobs that we do. If you go back some one hundred and fifty years the world of work and of men in it and society looked considerably different. This was the Victorian era and your day would follow a similar 6 day pattern.

A hooter would sound. You would get up, put on some wool and cotton based clothing like a shirt and thick trousers followed by thick leather hobnailed boots. You’d go and work in a mill or a factory producing the same part or making sure a machine kept working for about 10 hours then you would come home. There were alternatives to this. You could be down a mine for 10 hours, in the fields and gardens of a rich landowner for 10 hours or you could be cleaning their mansion house.