Starting the New Year in fresh surroundings

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Although psychologists have noted that the New Year is not the best time to set yourself resolutions and new goals it may actually be the best tome to set yourself new goals in business. This is partly to do with the fact that in January things can feel a little bit flat and after the Christmas festivities you may find that your staff can be a little demotivated. Research has also shown that the new year is the most common time for people to start looking for new jobs.

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There are numerous ways that you can try to filter in some positivity and new-found enthusiasm into your business. One of these may be to give your office a bit of a spruce. Obviously this isn’t something that you would every year but if you find that your office is looking a bit tired and tatty and that it doesn’t truly reflect the sector that you work in or the ethos of your company, you may want to enlist the services of one of the Office fit out companies like Mobius at Work who can breath a bit of life back into your surroundings. The environment that your staff work in will have an impact not only on how they feel about the company but also on whether they feel valued and, on their motivation, and in turn their productivity.

You may also set goals for each of your department based on how well they performed in the previous year. There are many different ways to go about doing this including have individual goals for each member of staff, team targets perhaps based on sales or response times to customers and overall company targets that you may wish to share with key members of the team.

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When planning in your business it is key to look not only at the current year you are working in but at least at the next three to five years. This way you will ensure that you keep on track of each of your targets and continue to move the company onwards and upwards as well as increasing your sales and profits. Your staff are key to you achieving this and spending some time finding out how best to help them achieve their own personal goals will reward you in the long run with loyalty and higher levels of productivity all round.

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