Stamped Concrete Benefits

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If you are considering a new patio or driveway, have you heard of stamped concrete? This is a technique of stamping or printing a pattern into the fresh concrete that looks like brick or natural stone. This is a very economical way to get a high-end look for a fraction of the cost.

It is often referred to as a printed or textured concrete and can mimic the look of stone such as slate and tile or even wood and bricks. Concrete is available in various colours and pattern choices, making it a popular look for patios, driveways, back gardens and even inside the home.

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Concrete has many benefits, including high durability and a strong resistance to weather conditions. When deciding on the colour or pattern, many home owners draw inspiration from their existing architecture, exterior of the property or the surrounding natural landscape.

One of the most popular looks include natural stone patterns, followed by brick, cobbles and wood effect. Grey and earth tones are the most common choice, but choosing a brick pattern means you can introduce red or orange colours if it suits the property and environment better. To further improve the aesthetics, moulded concrete can be made with a mix of colours, layered, stained or coloured to give it an antique appearance. For all your Concrete Tewkesbury needs, visit a site like

Stamped concrete benefits include:

Ability to customize – No other surface choice offers so much variation in colour and pattern. When compared with alternative choices, stamped concrete excels in many categories, such as:

Maintenance – Stamped concrete requires minimum maintenance, giving you decades of service without the need for weeding or filling the joints with sand.

Installation – Typically, stamped concrete provides a faster installation than laying paving stones or natural stone.

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Cost – Stamped concrete pouring will be cheaper than installing other surfaces. If low-quality stone paving seems at first less expensive, then consider the cost of the high level of care and maintenance they will require in the future.

How does it feel?

Thanks to its texture, you will find that it is less slippery than traditional concrete. As with any surface, it may still retain some slipperiness when wet. If for use in areas of high footfall, consider a deeper texture or applying non-slip additives for concrete.

Is it durable?

When installed correctly, stamped concrete surface should last you a decade, even in difficult weather conditions. Sometimes, stamped concrete can be made even more durable than standard concrete if colour hardeners are used during the pouring stage. A sealer is also often applied to protect from wear.

Maintaining your stamped concrete

Your surface will require less maintenance than other surfaces and an occasional pressure wash with mild detergent should be all that is needed before it requires resealing, roughly every three years. It is highly resistant to cracking and usually protected by a sealant to keep moisture out, moisture being the cause of most concrete cracking over time.


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