Spring cleaning ideas for your warehouse

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Spring cleaning is not just for the home. It is also a great idea for the workplace; in fact, there is never a better time to get your warehouse in ship-shape condition for the year ahead than right now in early spring. With this in mind, let’s explore some excellent spring cleaning tips for your warehouse, from floor labelling to a cleaning plan and seasonal stock placement.

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Floor labelling

If you don’t already have warehouse floor labelling in place, or your current markings have rubbed off over winter, now is the time to get them down. Floor markings in a warehouse can save considerable amounts of time when looking for items. You can also colour code certain areas and use floor markings to direct forklifts in a one-way system or mark out safe areas for pallet storage.

Cleaning plan

As with anything in life, cleaning is best approached with an excellent plan. Plan your cleaning schedule before you get started to ensure you complete the jobs efficiently. Start with the bigger, messier jobs and work your way down to the finer cleaning jobs. Make sure everyone knows their role.  If you have a smaller more office like environment that needs a one of, daily or weekly clean and you don’t have the staff or even want the hassle of doing this yourself then look at hiring an office cleaning in Gloucester company to come and do this for you is a good option.

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Moving stock for the season ahead

Depending on what you sell, your firm’s best-selling items may change with the seasons. If this is true for your company, move your highest-selling items to the front of the warehouse. This can save considerable time and labour and can mean you get products out faster, thus improving customer satisfaction. Do this in spring and again in September, ahead of Christmas. If necessary, you should also replace your shelving.

Having a waste plan

A spring clean notoriously means lots of waste. Make sure you have plenty of waste bags available and recycle as much as possible. If you think there is going to be a larger amount of waste than your usual waste removal service will pick up, find a company that will take your business waste away – preferably one with excellent green credentials. Ideally, you want as little as possible to reach landfill.

Blowing off the cobwebs with a spring clean can do your warehouse no end of favours. You can also use this opportunity to make the warehouse space better organised, safer, and more efficient.

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