Six benefits of professional carpet cleaning

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The majority of homes in the UK have carpets in at least some of their rooms. These may be regularly vacuumed and potentially cleaned using domestic cleaning products, but there are significant benefits to using a professional carpet cleaning company.

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Avoiding hazardous chemicals

There are a wide range of readily-available carpet cleaning products, but it is important to use these with care, as there is some evidence that strong cleaning products could be potentially hazardous to health. One benefit of using professional carpet cleaners is that they are trained and equipped to manage any hazards.

Removing pollutants and allergens

Carpets which look clean may still harbour particles which could damage health or cause reactions. Particles from the air and bacteria can get caught up in carpets then be released when they are walked on or vacuumed.

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Stain removal

Over time, rooms or areas with heavy traffic are likely to end up with unsightly stains such as wine or mud. Local professionals, such as a Cheltenham carpet cleaning company, can remove these stains, improving the appearance of the carpet and enhancing the look of the room.

Removal of carpet odours

Anything that gets spilled on or caught up in a carpet can cause odour if it is not completely removed. Professional cleaners such as Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company GNC have specialised skills and equipment to ensure that all traces are removed.

Dust mite elimination

Dust mites are creatures so tiny that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. They feed on skin flakes from humans or pets, which can be left behind in carpets even after vacuuming or domestic cleaning. Particles from dust mites are known to be allergens, but professional steam cleaning can kill the dust mites and remove their particles.

Money saving

Professional carpet cleaning may seem expensive, but it can work out significantly cheaper than replacing floor coverings. Professional cleaning can completely remove the dirt which can build up over years restoring carpets to their original colour and vibrancy. This can add years to the carpet’s lifespan.

There are a wide range of carpet cleaning products available to householders which promise some or all of the benefits listed above. However, professional cleaners have access to a much larger range of products which may not be practical or safe for non-professionals to use.

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