Signs you need a new PR agency

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Signs you need a new PR agency

There comes a time in a relationship when things go south, and it becomes clear that the end is in sight. Typically, both sides in the relationship know, or at least have seen the signs that something is going wrong. If you happen to be involved in marketing or comms at a technology company, you may at some point find yourself in such a situation with the public relations agency that you have on retainer. Here are some signs it might be time to switch to a new agency:

  1. Lack of creativity

While theoretically no technology public relations agency is meant to be as creative as an advertising agency, for example, a positive dash of creativity can add a much-needed lift for any PR strategy and day-to-day media outreach. Agents should always find a way to inject fresh ideas and be willing to challenge the status quo, whether before an important industry trade show or supporting a product launch, for example. Creativity is a vital component in any media outreach campaign.

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  1. Results Decrease

It is vital that the impact of PR work is measured for clients. This is often in the way of the number of interviews and articles published, interview bookings acquired etc. Then take a step further by measuring and qualifying results based on the value of each article placed. In short, it’s important to strive to achieve a numerical ambitious goal at the end of the period stipulated in such a way that reflects the large number of placements as a whole and a healthy mix of high value articles. If the agent fails to hit the agreed objectives and apparently has no plans to reverse the situation, it does not bode well for future performance. For help with a fresh approach, consider a PR Agency Cheltenham like

  1. Response time

In every relationship there will be ups and downs. Response time measures the level of urgency your agency responds with when it comes to serving your account. If you experience a delay in an important demand, or at least a quick acknowledgment via email with a promise to follow up, then it could be a reflection of how much the agency appreciates your business. Worse, it could be a sign of professional ignorance. Either way, it’s a pattern of behaviour that clients find difficult to ignore.

  1. Reduction in quality

Many agencies receive the benefit of the doubt as long as they provide a quality product, be it in the form of fresh ideas, plenty of press release copy, relationship building, etc. When quality deteriorates, however, most technology companies run out of goodwill fast, particularly when the cost is high. Most executives will happily pull the plug when quality starts to suffer and shows no sign of improving.

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  1. The Agency staff turnover

A negative aspect of the creative industry is that staff turnover can sometimes result in a lack of account continuity, thorough industry experience or the right skilled talent. Should you feel that your current agency has seen too much turnover in key leadership positions or managed by a never-ending stream of inexperienced public relations professionals, it may be time to review your account and the direction it was headed.


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