What are the Seven Main Stages of Dementia?

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Dementia is one of the most upsetting illnesses to watch a family member go through. Despite a lot of hard work and ongoing research into the disease, there is not a cure for it, and watching the deterioration of a loved one is upsetting.

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A place such as Notaro care home Taunton can keep people who suffer with this illness safe and well looked after, but it is helpful to know what the signs of dementia are and what to expect. Dementia has seven main stages which are:

Stage 1 – No noticeable outward change, everything appears normal.

Stage 2 – There can be some forgetfulness, but nothing alarming, and this can normally be put down to age related forgetfulness.

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Stage 3 – Many people start to notice things may be not quite right at this stage. Things like repeating a conversation they have just had or finding tasks like driving a struggle are some signs of this.

Stage 4 – This is the stage at which most people would seek medical intervention. The relative may be forgetting things which are causing them a risk, such as not eating meals, or leaving the gas on.

Stage 5 – By this point, the person needs help with daily tasks, and may have trouble recalling names, dates and current events. They may have periods where they seem to be speaking about the past as if it were now.

Stage 6 – This stage is where they need help with most things, such as eating and bathing. They may often not recognise familiar people, or think they are people who they knew years ago.

Stage 7 – This is the final stage, and they may not be able to walk or speak at all by this point, but just being with someone and holding their hand will help them to feel cared for and supported.

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