Rise of the Machines – Will Artificial Intelligence wipe us out in the Near Future?

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Artificial Intelligence has been a divisive issue for many years now. Since the first robots were first invented, being able to perform basic tasks, computer programming, then in it’s infancy, is now pushing the boundaries further and further. In the world of Sci-Fi, the books and films set in the future (the most famous of these probably being the Terminator series) is starting to become less far-fetched, futuristic stuff, and more likely to happen in the not too distant future. So you had better be thinking about your survival skills and stocking up on Vanquest outdoor gear from http://www.angloforro.co.uk/product-category/brands/vanquest/

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Many great minds believe that the human race is in grave danger of eventually wiping itself out with these advances in technology – Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking have both warned of the dark side of the inventions designed to improve human life, being able to end it completely. Machines are constantly being invented, and upgraded to have emotions, think for themselves, and perform tasks that humans could not possibly hope to perform with ease. It is easy to see why there is growing concern that films like Terminator may soon become reality for us.

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It is not all doom and gloom however – machines have greatly enhanced human life in the past few decades, allowing humans to visit, and even live in Space, visit and explore the deepest parts of our Oceans, advanced medical science helping to save millions of lives and the internet of course has connected the world together and allowed communications between entire continents at the tap of a button. Technology is constantly evolving and improving, and many argue that it is a good thing, not a threat to be feared.

But, machines are capable of malfunctioning – the more power that they wield, the greater the harm caused will be. If your computer at home, for example, breaks down or has a problem with it, inconvenient as it may be, it is not going to end the world. But what would happen if a computer in charge of the nuclear weapons in the United States were to malfunction, and accidentally fire them all? Well let’s just say you might be needing to brush up on your survival skills, and maybe invest in a nuclear bunker! The problem is, that even if the machines mean no harm, they may still fail – and if they do mean harm? Well, we had all better watch out!

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