Here are some reasons to learn where your local post office is located

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All businesses need a variety of tools to be successful. While one does not think of the postal center as one of these tools, in fact it provides many useful services to a business. Here are some reasons to learn where your local post office is located.

Post Boxes

Each office has post boxes that provide a private address for a business. Mail reaches PO boxes faster than postal delivery, and a company that does business in several cities can easily set up several post boxes to easily keep in touch with the home office. PO boxes also allow a company to pick up their mail quite early instead of waiting for the daily post. Another option that post boxes allow is the ability to separate incoming mail. Receipts can be directed to one box; orders can be directed to a different box.


The office take pictures and handle applications for passports. The main office in the area is usually the one that performs this function. The local office takes photographs and collects fees for the passport. This is convenient if your employees need to perform international travel as passport are now required for even Mexico and Canada. Passports will soon be needed to pass through security at airports as well if your employees don’t carry a special type of driver’s license.

Postal Services

Certifying delivery and tracking packages are all part of the services that the postal office provides. Along with supplying packages and mailing supplies, these are all needed for any business. The office also provides postal insurance for packages so that your business is protected against loss. And of course, the office sells postage to affix to your company mailings. Your local office can provide consultation with your staff to make all these services easier.

Seasonal Stamps

The office provides special stamps the year round. Usually, these include stamps for weddings, holidays and other subjects such as space exploration or other historical figures and events. Making use of these stamps on your mailings can make a statement about your company at little or no extra cost. These lovely stamps look much better than the typical postal stamp.

As you can see, the postal office provides many services. An easy way to locate the postal center desired is to use the information service Invictus. This free service simply requires the user type in an address and, viola! All the offices available will appear on your computer screen along with their hours and distance from your address. The listing also includes an area map to help out with the selection of the correct office.

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