The Reasons That Your Child Should Climb

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As a parent, you’ll notice that from a very early age, your children want to climb. They’ll be pulling themselves up on things and trying to climb onto chairs, bookshelves, and anything else in their path. That might seem scary as an onlooker, but it does help them build depth of perception, motor skills, and body strength. Of course, there is a balance to find between benefit and risk, and there is no right or wrong for parents when it comes to that; you know your child and their ability better than anyone else.

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Children learn from their mistakes, so allowing them the space to make them in a controlled environment is important. Instead of turning a blind eye while children try to scale a bookcase, allow them the freedom in a playground or on a purpose-built climbing frame in your own garden. Falling isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however hard it can be to see as a parent!

Mental and Physical Development

Giving children a little freedom allows them to think for themselves and develop their critical thinking for solving problems and making decisions. Early on in their lives, children feel brave and many do not feel fear. Being able to overcome or ignore fear is a great life skill to develop and will be vital to their success in later life. Confidence is just another thing that is set to benefit from climbing.

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Healthy Living

Children who are allowed to climb and play outside in general are those that build their confidence and develop their sense of risk and danger so they can tell the difference easily and without having to think about it. They are more likely to take part in other physical activities, like ballet gymnastics, football or rugby. Regular physical activity has a whole host of benefits, and getting into good habits during childhood is positive.

For more benefits of being outside and childrens wooden climbing frames, visit The Mind Unleashed. If you have space and would like to buy your own play equipment, visit a specialist retailer; companies like NI Climbing Frames stock a range of childrens climbing frames.

If you are installing your own climbing frame, consider the location and the surface to put it on; some of the most serious injuries result from falling onto an inappropriate surface.

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