Questions to ask when hiring a man with a van

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Often considered the most cost-effective option, there is some important information you must find out if you are looking to hire a man with a van to help you with a job such as moving home.

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This individual will move all the items you own, so you must ensure you are confident of the cost and that your items will be safe on their journey.

Ask for a quote

Is the price you received a fixed quote? Enquire about the quoted price and ensure it will not increase after the move. Make sure you find out whether there are any hidden costs, such as waiting times or petrol, that could be added to the bill.

House removal companies can charge upwards of £600, which is before taking any storage costs into consideration.

Find out how you will be charged and whether you pay per hour or for the whole day.

A pre-move survey may be conducted, where the individual will access the volume of items and analyse your requirements. An appropriate team and vehicle can then be chosen from the information gathered.

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Suitability of vehicle

You will be far more confident in your chosen man with a van if you know they will arrive with a vehicle large enough for your requirements. It is also vital that the van is not overloaded, which can break the law. It is also reassuring to know that the vehicle is in good condition and is relatively new.

If the van is not big enough, it may take a few trips to move all your belongings, which must be included within the received quote. If moving a distance away, this will not be feasible, so make sure you understand the full logistics of the moving day.

The moving team

It is important to know how many people are going to help you to move. If you are moving the contents of a large house, it may be more suitable to hire a team.

Also find out whether you will be helping with the lifting. To ensure the move runs smoothly, you may need to help load and unload contents into and out of the van.

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