Pros and cons of outlet malls

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People tend to find many bargains on items and clothing at outlet malls, such as mens designer jackets, which can also be found at EJ Menswear. High end brands are becoming more and more popular and attract customers who want good deals on luxury items. Let’s have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of outlet malls.

First things first, do customers really save money by buying discounted items? Studies have found that they usually do. Factory stores have reported discounting their items by 38% on average. Other studies have also shown people to buy items from outlet malls and buy similar items from regular malls to compare prices. The results showed that the outlet store items were anywhere between 3 to 70% cheaper than the regular mall items.

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On the other hand, customers may not always save. Studies had also shown that items bought from outlet malls were sometimes more expensive or the same price as items bought from regular malls.

Items bought for a lower price can also make you question the quality. Big name brands are able to produce less expensive items and manufacture them in less expensive ways. This can also mean skipping a few of the details, for example, replacing expensive materials such as leather, for fake ones.

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However, studies have found that around 86% of outlet mall stock is made specifically for the outlet malls. This means that people are less likely to find damaged goods and are more likely to find items that are similar to the ones in the regular mall.