9 benefits of a professional teeth whitening

professional teeth whitening
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The first impression is what counts. And precisely a very important part of our physical appearance is the smile, which looks better with white teeth and care. Have you ever thought about getting professional teeth whitening to get the perfect teeth you’ve always wanted? You are not the only one who has gone through this same situation.

Dental whitening treatments are the most requested dental aesthetics in recent years in professional centers. Getting a white smile is getting easier and faster, with impeccable results whenever we put ourselves in the hands of the best.

Today we will see the treatment of teeth whitening, what advantages it offers over other aesthetic treatments to improve the appearance of the smile and the benefits of teeth whitening that we can obtain from the hands of professionals. Discover all the details and you’ll see how at the end you dare to take the step.

What is professional teeth whitening?

A teeth whitening is a technique through which stains and dull color of the surface of the teeth are removed. Because in the enamel of the teeth there are thousands of micropores, with time the dirt can accumulate without us noticing.

To make the teeth look whiter this dental treatment applies a whitening agent in the form of a gel. Each person is different and has specific needs, so it is advised that the treatment be specialized and always carried out in a trustworthy aesthetic clinic so as not to damage the enamel.

How is teeth whitening performed?

There are several techniques of teeth whitening today. Depending on the type of tooth stains and the requirements of each smile, a treatment can be done at home or at the dental office.

On the one hand, the home dental whitening is done with the application of a bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide gel, which is applied along with a splint on the teeth to whiten them little by little. The duration of this treatment is about 15 days.

You can also do a treatment effectively, in the dentist’s own office, helping with an LED light that further activate the bleaching gels applied to the splints. The laser teeth whitening can be more harmful if not done properly, and although its effect is better, full supervision of the practitioner applies is recommended.

Alternatives of a teeth whitening

We already know what a teeth whitening is, but are there other alternatives to obtain white teeth and a perfect smile?

Dental whiteners are not effective on all dentures. When the enamel is too deteriorated or stained or if we simply want to achieve a whiter color than the usual white of our teeth, another of the aesthetic dental treatment that can help us is porcelain veneers.

It consists of a restored treatment that improves the color and shape of our teeth, applying pieces of porcelain or other materials that cover the original tooth. These sheets are so thin and resistant nowadays, that they have a practically lifelong durability.

Consult your dentist the possibility of achieving the smile you want, with the best treatment for your teeth. In the case that you decide to take the step for the cleaning and whitening treatment, you will surely get many benefits such as those we will see below.

professional teeth whitening

Benefits of professional teeth whitening

Most beautiful smile

The most obvious benefit, and for which so many people resort to teeth whitening treatments, is the improvement of the aesthetics of the smile. The whiter teeth make the smile look much more attractive, with an improved look from the first session.

Cleaner and more careful teeth

Whiter teeth are instantly associated with better care and cleaning. This treatment entails a thorough cleaning prior to the application of the bleach, which will leave your teeth impeccable and whiter. Your smile will look healthier, with impeccable teeth.

Rejuvenate your face

It is proven that a whiter smile tends to minimize wrinkles and the effects of age on the face. It changes so much the image that you will be able to take off some years of you just with improving the aspect of your mouth with this simple gesture.

Improve your self-esteem

When you see your mouth so beautiful after applying any of the teeth whitening techniques, you will feel better about yourself. Lose the fear of smiling and feel more confident in front of the mirror.

Improve your social life

Not only you will be pleased to see that because others will also notice your physical change and your attitude change after this treatment. When you regain your confidence, it will cost you much less to interact with other people.

Fast and painless

We have already seen how to do professional teeth whitening and as you can imagine, it is fast and nothing painful. In some patients, there is a bit of sensitivity in the teeth in the days after treatment, but so slight that it hardly shows, and that it ends up disappearing in a short time.

No side effects

Teeth whitening have no side effects. It is a treatment that lasts several years, many more the more you take care of your teeth, without leaving a mark and without associated discomforts.

For all people

Anyone who wants to get whiter teeth can get a teeth whitening without any problem. Check your possibilities with your dentist.


Nowadays these treatments have such a good price, that anyone can afford to have a perfect smile. Find a clinic that has good opinions and references to ensure professional treatment, and you will notice the benefits much more accentuated.

And you, you know how to do professional teeth whitening? Have you decided to take the step and get the teeth whitening you’ve always wanted? Surely you also love the results!

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