Prepare your garage door for the warm months ahead

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You may be used to getting the exterior of your home ready for winter, but did you realise that there is plenty you can do to prepare for the warm months of the summer? If you take some time to prepare your garage door for the effects of warmer temperatures, you will be repaid in terms of its appearance and how well it continues to do its job.

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We all spend more time outside in the summer, so your door will be on show. You will also be going in and out of your garage more often to retrieve gardening equipment, barbecues and plant pots from your garage shelving.

The rain, wind and freezing temperatures will have taken their toll; however, you can save money in the long run by sorting out maintenance issues quickly. You need to rectify the damage and get your door ready for the summer, so let’s look at how you can do just this.

Cleaning and checking the condition of your garage door

Garage shelving is typically used to store tools, equipment and supplies. Due to the nature of the things that are stored there, the inside of a garage can get very dirty over the winter. This can have a knock-on effect on the door.

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The exterior of the door will have been repeatedly exposed to wind and rain, and dirt can build up. This encourages rot and corrosion and can prevent you being able to tell whether there are any parts of the door that need repairing.

You can use warm, soapy water to clean the door, then apply a thin coat of car wax to protect it over the summer. According to This Old House, car wax is great at fighting mildew and combatting corrosion.

Protect the garage door from rust and rot

If you have invested in useful Garage Shelving, it makes sense to protect it and all the things you are storing on it. You can maintain the integrity of the garage door by eliminating rust and rot. Rust can cause a lot of damage to steel garage doors, so sand down rusty patches and paint them with a zinc primer.

Timber doors need a sealant and a fresh coat of paint to protect them and keep them looking at their best.

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