Pre-workout: What to take?

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A lot of people, especially those who start at the gym, will have wondered: what should you take in the pre and post-workout? We find out the products from and they are suitable for the pre-training phase.


The pre-workout is necessary to better support us in the performance we seek and want from our training. It allows us to make our work both muscular and mental more productive, since it helps us to maintain blood glucose levels that are constant and necessary for a correct physiological functioning by continuing the training for the necessary time, supporting us at best and contributes to reducing the intense stress that is created on our body during the session, without reaching an energy deficit and salt water that leads to requiring an excessively longer recovery time between one series and another during the session and in post-training recovery since makes it a fundamental component that weighs on the efficiency of the training stimulus.

For this factor the feeding at the level of the macro nutrients taken during the day and the integration are a fundamental factor that allows us to create all these presuppositions to support us and make the most of our training, recovery and achievement of our goals since the power plays a fundamental role in this and should not be overlooked.

Before training (at least a couple of hours before) in order to allow at least partial digestion, where obviously the greater the quantity of ingested food the longer the digestion time will be, and ideally making a meal that is basically energy should usually not be below 250 kcal and must be highly digestible, favoring the prevalence of complex carbohydrates with a medium – low glycemic index which allow the maintenance of constant blood sugar levels while providing energy for a good amount of time during our training .

Why is it important not to take high gi foods?

Foods with a too high glycemic index consumed before training should raise the blood sugar level too much, which would generate an excessive insulin spike that would negatively affect the mental state at the beginning of the training and on the performance, since a good amount of energy would initially be felt but then, as insulin takes over, there will be a sharp drop in energy in a short time. Furthermore mixing a food containing a good quantity of fiber with another high glycemic index food allows to balance the absorption of the carbohydrates keeping the blood sugar rather constant for several hours.

Nor should we overdo the fibers and fats because they too would slow down digestion times when the blood is called to concentrate more in the stomach and deprived of its function to go to the muscles during training can also cause serious problems with digestion.

In short, nutrition and boss peptides supplementation before training in the gym must first of all guarantee energy support to: Save glycogen reserve and maintain good blood sugar levels until the beginning of the session.

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