The personality types in play at work

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The office is a jungle, it is a place where all the human emotions in life come together for anywhere up to ten hours a day. It’s a sad thought that we spend most of our waking hours with the people that we work with rather than family and friends. It is very essential then to make sure that you have the balance right in the office and workplace and that the training that you provide reflects that. A Scrum Master Training Dublin based company like the one at can certainly help with that. What are the sort of personalities that have been identified in the office? Here is a very quick guide to illustrate what some are like. They may not all ring completely true but at least you’ll have a guide on what to expect and possibly adapt the working arrangements to.

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  1. The one who works alone. This is the person who likes to take on the project anywhere in its life cycle and run with it to finish but only on their own. If there are any mistakes made, they will harrumph and think that if they’d been doing it, again without supervision they’d have got it done. As long as they have no team mates to distract them, they will happily work away and get things done. You do need to check in on them but otherwise without anyone around they will be happy.
  2. The one who is in charge. This is the Alpha worker so to speak. They are the delegator, the one who gets everything done and organised, the buck stops here but they basically love that feeling and will happily carry on with it. They should know that the one who works alone needs space for example and a full work load to keep them occupied.

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  1. The one who just does enough. You’ll find that this is the most common attitude in the workplace especially that of the office. These people will quietly toil away, but they are not about to come up with a great idea to ensure that the country prospers or something. Give them a nice few tasks and they will crack on with the task in hand but a little bit at their own place as opposed to how quickly you or the one who is in charge do. It least it will be done though unlike…
  2. The one who just does nothing. These are the ones that are biding their time seeing out the clock. Everything is a hassle, or they will fall to the effects of procrastination. Shame that but you still need to allow for them.

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