How to package artwork to ship

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Shipping artwork can be risky. Not only do you have to ensure that it is well packaged to avoid potential damage, but you also need to find a respectable courier who understands the importance of fragile objects. Here’s what you can do to prevent your artwork from being damaged in transit.

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Careful packing

If you are sending a piece of artwork, the way you pack it is extremely important. Throughout the years, many priceless pieces of art have been damaged in transit, including Rembrandt’s “Portrait of an Elderly Woman”, on which a tear was discovered that was not there before shipping. Of course, artwork of such high value should be sent via a specialist courier to ensure safe transit, but there is an easy way to send standard pieces yourself.

For artwork that contains glass, removing and placing the glass into a protective foam sheet will help prevent it from smashing and potentially damaging the artwork. You can then place the protected glass back into the frame and secure fragile corners using corner protectors.

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All artwork, whether it includes a glass frame or not, should be covered in a plastic bag to protect it from moisture whilst in transit. You can then add two sheets of foam or bubble wrap at either side and secure it with tape. Place it into your box, using a sturdy piece of cardboard to wrap around your artwork to ensure minimal movement for added security. Seal with tape, add the address, and it is ready to go.

Ways to ship

Once you are happy with your packing, you should look into your packing options. If your packing is done especially well, you may be happy sending via standard post, but a courier is often a better option, particularly if you want it to get there quickly. If you want to send with a same day courier Manchester offers plenty of choices, so you should look into reviews first. Once you have found a service that you are happy with, your Same day courier in Manchester can ensure that your fragile package is delivered safely and quickly.

Before you ship, always make sure that your packaged artwork can withstand any potential bumps whilst in transit. Always over-pack if in doubt and research your shipping methods to ensure that it will arrive safely.

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