These new SEO trends are worth watching

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Staying ahead of the curve with search engine optimisation can be challenging, but if you know about these five SEO trends you can plan how to take action ahead of your competitors.

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Use UX to improve SEO

Google has always seen the experience users get from a website as an important ranking factor. Websites built around user needs will be rewarded with a better result in the SERPs, so focusing on your website UX will not only make it more likely to convert visitors, it will also make it more likely that you will be able to attract more visitors from a stronger position in the SERPs.

Make decisions mobile first

Since at least 60% of searches are done on mobile devices, Google now indexes all pages on a mobile-first basis. So if you search for “SEO Belfast” Google will have crawled the mobile version of all relevant sites rather than the desktop and this means that sites with relevant information and a fantastic mobile experience will rank higher than those that have been designed desktop first. Mobile site experience ties into trend one, so you should be making sure the mobile UX is prioritised. And trend three is an important consideration too.

Speed up

Since mobile searches are dominant, the time it takes for your site to load on mobile devices is another important factor that Google will use to determine whether you offer a good UX and the ranking of your site.

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You can get help to speed up your site from Ryco SEO Belfast agency who understand how important the information from Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool is to webmasters who need to use it to accelerate the performance of their website. Google’s algorithm will rank speedy websites higher and you will reduce the bounce rate if your site loads quickly.

Broad core relevant

Search Engine Journal explains how Google’s latest broad core update is likely to affect its overall algorithm and impact SEO.

Build better backlinks

Google has struggled with backlinks, and it has become increasingly complicated to determine whether a backlink is quality or questionable. Backlinks do remain a core driver of Google’s ranking algorithm though, so as long as they are not secured using manipulative techniques, link building through strong relationships with relevant influencers is a good thing to focus on.

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