Must Haves for a Modern Interior

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What is the difference between modern and contemporary décor? The terms are often used interchangeably when people talk about art and design, but they are, in fact, different things with their own distinct characteristics.

A modern décor design is generally rooted in the German Bauhaus design school and Scandinavian influences from the 1920s and 30s. Famed for its clean, streamlined look, asymmetrical patterns and glossy materials, we still find these elements in décor and furniture produced today.

It was the modernist movement that inspired what was to come during mid-20th century design. We still find these concepts attractive today – materials like leather, linen and wood that offer clean, classic and unadorned elegance.

If you’re seeking a more modern aesthetic for your décor, here are some simple things you can do:

  1. Add in some artwork

The artwork of the modern and mid-20th century was bold, colourful and all about form. Geometric patterns and clean lines are the pieces of art you should be looking for to create a truly modern room.

  1. Lighting

Similar to the characteristics of artwork and other décor elements, modern lighting provides useful function and geometric designs. Lines are clean and bold, with equal focus being given to function and form. Placing a lamp in your living space is one of the easiest ways to incorporate this design era into your home.

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  1. Simplicity

When it comes to decorating in a modern or mid-20th century style, less is definitely more. Open and organised, non-cluttered spaces are key to developing the desired unadorned look. It’s important to choose furniture that provides excellent function with an elegant, simple beauty through its choice of superior materials and craftsmanship. A perfect example is the Eames Eiffel Chair. This unique chair demonstrates simplicity of design and achieves great elegance in its form and function. Get your Eames Eiffel Chair from Pash Classics.

  1. Metallics

A modern interior is one that features plenty of smooth surfaces. These can be the floor, the furniture surfaces or the walls. Furniture with polished chrome and stainless steel that give off a metallic shine are the most popular choices for adding a simple wow factor.

  1. Wood

Incorporating a natural element like wood, be it with the flooring or the furniture, also plays an important role in creating a modern design. Wood was a popular choice in mid-20th century furniture pieces, thanks to its smoothness, natural colour and timeless appeal.

  1. Neutral rug

A neutral background will provide more prominence for showing off your statement furniture pieces. An open and uncluttered space normally suggests bare wooden flooring or a clear expanse of neutral carpet, but a rug can be introduced to liven up the textures of the room. Choose a rug with a soft, muted colour to ground the design but without being overbearing on the room or the furniture.


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