Modern Fireplaces: Technology Combines Design

Modern Fireplaces
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The modern fireplaces are ideal solutions for those who want to save on heating their homes and do not want to give up the pleasure of fire. In fact, there are many people who prefer the timeless charm of the fireplace, made even more enchanting and efficient by aesthetic and technological innovations.

The modern wood and pellet fireplaces, in addition to domestic heating, are an excellent furnishing solution for any type of home, modern or rustic. Furthermore, continuous technical developments have led modern fireplaces to have much higher efficiencies than those of the past, without renouncing their original charm.

The installation of a fireplace

If you are thinking of inserting a stove inside a house under construction, it is preferable to choose a central room, so that it is possible to easily heat – viaducts – all the rooms, especially if the house is on several levels. If instead, you want to install the stove in an existing building, its location will be linked to the position of the stove. The connection between these two elements, in fact, is not very flexible and regulated by rigid rules that protect the safety during the use of the stove. And it is on the basis of the route of this conduit that the possible dispositions of the fireplace in the interior vary.

Coatings: The frame makes the difference

Beyond the technological aspect and its heating function, the fireplace, in aesthetics, is able to characterize the environments in which it is inserted. Hence the style and materials of the coverings are of great importance. In most cases, the hearths for stoves define the frames that you should choose. In fact, many companies produce coatings compatible with different firebox models, to furnish every room. Steel, ceramic, reconstructed stone and glass hearth, for example, are materials that adapt well to contemporary settings, while marble and travertine are ideal in classical settings.

Modern Fireplaces

Materials: Style and performance

The performance of the fireplace also depends on the material. Steel guarantees excellent levels of thermal efficiency, reducing energy losses and fuel consumption. Various finishes: mirror, satin, oxidized, antique.

The cast iron, used for engine blocks or essential sculptural frames, good resistance to high temperatures; in addition, it gradually transfers heat into the surrounding areas, which remains for hours, even when the combustion is over.

Even natural stones are good conductors of heat; alternatively, there are also those reconstructed, lighter. The marble, thanks to the variety of types and processing, is adaptable to different environments, even combined with wood or metals.

Refractory bricks, traditional, withstand high temperatures and are used not only for the frame but also for covering the interior walls of the hearth.

Integrated and customized solutions

Along with a wide range of coatings, many companies that produce fireplaces also offer a tailor-made design service for those who want to create special solutions or have space constraints. It is possible, in fact, to insert the fireplace in a more complex furnishing project that includes shelves, open compartments, log cabin niches coordinated with the frame or create a plasterboard structure from scratch to be customized and customized according to your needs.

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