Marketing on LinkedIn: a strategy that can boost your digital business

Marketing on LinkedIn
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Marketing on LinkedIn can help you boost your digital business. Check out some of our tips in this post!

We know that one of the great challenges of any digital entrepreneur is to develop strategies that go out of the ordinary and help boost your digital business. For that reason and with a view to helping you to have new ideas and explore new possibilities we are going to talk today about something that can help a lot of those who want to be an Affiliate and Producer: marketing on LinkedIn.

We imagine that you have already heard about this tool, launched in 2003. LinkedIn is a social network different from any other because its goal is to connect professionals scattered all over the world.

In the world, there are more than 450 million users.

You and your business can not stay outside, right? So stay tuned for our advice and start taking full advantage of LinkedIn.

Marketing on LinkedIn: how to start on the right foot?

Marketing on LinkedIn

The first thing you need to understand is that LinkedIn is an incredible tool for those who want to build their authority. With less space for memes and jokes, quality content here is highly valued, and that can positively impact your business, helping you become a reference in your niche market.

LinkedIn is also a great tool for you to expand your contacts and even invest in strategic ads that generate excellent results. That’s what we’re going to talk about more calmly next!

But before continuing, the first gold tip of the day: you have to decide if you will create a personal profile or a business page. While the focus of the profile is on your skills and projects, the business page has a timeline with all the articles published.

In truth, you can choose according to your strategy and nothing prevents you from having both: a personal profile to gather information about your personal career and build your authority and a business page dedicated to promote and expand your business.

Start learning with who is your reference

A good strategy to better understand what LinkedIn is and how it works is to investigate and analyze how relevant people in your field of activity and companies you admire use this tool to boost their business.

Find the profile of the digital entrepreneurs that inspire you the most and see how they use LinkedIn to get good ideas. Also, keep in mind the sales strategies of products chosen by them and try to analyze which ones may have generated the best results.

We use our articles to build a stronger brand every day and we also give very good advice for those who want to become a better digital entrepreneur every day. Undoubtedly our page is a great reference for you since we take care of it with a lot of love and dedication.

Expand your network of contacts

Another very important point for your marketing on LinkedIn is to expand your network of connections. They are those people who will accompany your business and the material that you produce and that will help you to grow your business.

In the meantime, do not do it wildly: add only to the people you know and always send them a message before. Here you can find colleagues from the companies in which you have worked, friends from the university period, contacts made in courses and live events and, of course, your best clients.

Also, you can also work to improve the quality of your network of contacts; approaching people who can help your business grow. Affiliates and producers who are your references, for example, can also be present on LinkedIn.

But remember our recommendation: never add someone without at least introducing yourself and talking a little about yourself.

Another great advantage of LinkedIn are the groups, spaces where people with common interests discuss issues that concern them. You can search for groups about your market niche and also about different topics that may be related to your business and generate a positive impact. In this case, you will be able to build good relationships, expand the network of contacts and find out about all the news.

Quality content: the secret of marketing on LinkedIn

We have already discussed this topic several times here on the blog. Offering quality content for your followers makes all the difference for your digital business and also contributes a lot to the construction of your authority.

And that’s very strong on LinkedIn.

After all, people are in that network to make professional contacts and offer quality content, relevant to their work and life, so it is a great attraction and differential for your business.

That’s why we recommend that you always invest in the production of quality content capable of attracting people’s attention and adding value to them. In addition, sharing external links and creating articles on LinkedIn is a great option to increase your authority and help your business gain more visibility.

On the other hand, you can also play the role of curator of content and share the most interesting content you’ve seen on the web. If you have read a news or quality article, such as our posts here on the blog, share it with your friends and followers on LinkedIn.

Finally, a suggestion that is very valuable for both producers and affiliates: try not to exceed the advertisements whenever you are spreading a product. In social networks, the ideal is to disseminate quality material, with small insertions of your offer.

The quality content becomes and nobody likes to follow someone who is just trying to sell something, never adding any value. And, on LinkedIn, that’s very important.

Make the most of all LinkedIn features

When it comes to developing your marketing strategies on LinkedIn, try to fully exploit all the resources of this tool.

In your profile, for example, you can add presentations with information about the product you are publishing and with tips that can transform people’s lives. You can also put information on the products you publish, leaving visible the materials that can make a difference in your business. So, whoever accesses your profile can easily view that content.

And do not forget something extremely important: your contact information.

After all, you made an enormous effort for the person to find you, as well as your work. Can you imagine if it reaches your profile and fails to discover how to talk to you? Therefore, leave the contact information, especially your site and e-mail, always visible and easy to find.

If it’s possible for you and your business, also invest in LinkedIn Premium. The paid version of this tool allows you to take advantage of some exclusive advantages, such as InMails, a tool that allows you to send messages to those who are not yet in your contact list.

Another benefit of the premium account is the ability to see in more detail who has visited your profile and obtain more complete reports on those accesses.

LinkedIn ads: new possibilities to help your business grow

In addition to assessing who produces quality content, LinkedIn is also a great tool for those who have the conditions to invest in advertisements. Despite being a bit more expensive than Facebook ads, for example, LinkedIn ads have a great advantage: you can make a better segmentation to reach a much more qualified audience.

There are two different types of ads for those who want to do marketing on LinkedIn.

The first one is sponsored content. With this type of ad, you can provide more visibility to the content you produce and your business. The investment in this type of advertisement is excellent for the one who is building authority and wants to value the brand of your digital business.

On LinkedIn, it is also possible to create traditional advertisements, which combine texts and images. In general, these ads appear in the side areas of the platform and are a great option for those who want to offer products directly to buyers.

Also, if you work with courses aimed at personal and professional development, for example, it is very good to use that type of ad to talk with an extremely interested audience.

Another very good idea is to use LinkedIn ads to disclose bonuses, such as webinars or ebooks with exclusive content. There are innumerable possibilities, and everything depends on the strategy that is most suitable for you and your business.

Take advantage of all the possibilities that marketing on LinkedIn can offer you and boost your digital business.

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