So many shapes for a beautiful diamond

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Diamond rings are incredibly beautiful and they look spectacular on any hand especially if you have just visited a Manicures Gloucester company to treat yourself to a spot of pampering. The jewels sparkle and shine in the light and your choice of nail polish colour can really accent the coloured jewels in your rings. There are a number of different shapes in which these gems can be set into a ring of your choice.

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Here are some of the shapes (cuts) that a diamond can be created into.


This is probably the most popular cut of diamond and is the one that the professionals are asked to create the most. It is thought that around 75% of the diamonds that are cut are done so into this round shape. Although they are the most popular shape, the round diamond is also amongst the most expensive. This is due to the fact that the demand is so high and also because when the round cut is made a lot of the rough diamond is wasted.


Similar to the round cut diamonds these oval ones produce similar light reflection, known as fire and the overall brightness of the diamond, known as its brilliance is the same. What differs is the fact that the elongated sides of the oval make the diamond look bigger. You often find oval cut precious stones encased with a number of much smaller round stones to create a flower like creation.

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This cut of diamond is the most popular amongst the fancy styles and is often used in Diamond Engagement Rings and was first created in the 1980s. Princess cut diamonds are incredibly flexible in terms of fitting into a variety of casing shapes and ring styles.


This cut of diamond combines both a square and round cut and has rounded edges on the square cut jewel. It has been a style of diamond cut that has been around for over 200 years and was once the most popular choice over the now popular round cut. The style is so named due to its pillow like appearance.

There are numerous other cuts including radiant, heart shaped and emerald and choosing which style you want will depend on the event and person that you are buying the jewellery item for and also the jewellery item itself as some cuts will look more effective in pieces such as necklaces and earrings. If you are looking for a diamond ring you will find that all cuts fit into your ring of choice.

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