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Everybody wants their website to stand out and be unique. It gives you an edge over your competition and impresses potential customers. Originality and creativity are great things for a website but as long as you are receiving the results you need, it doesn’t have to be the most amazing site ever created. You don’t need endless inspiration or luck, you just need consistency, planning, original content and some effort. Here are some tips to getting a standout website:

  1. Layout

The layout of your site is one way in which you can make it a little different from everyone else’s, but it is kind of tricky. A unique and interesting structure or layout has a big bonus in that it’s instantly recognisable for your brand and can be a fun user experience. It will also challenge the skills of your chosen web designer. For professional Cardiff Website Designer, visit

Be wary of adding to your development time though and remember that there are only so many ways you can display information in a quirky way before you start to lose usability.

  1. Branding

This is an easier way to get your site noticed above the others. Embrace your brand’s ethos, guidelines and story and put that logo everywhere. This only works with businesses with strong brand images that are quite unique. Without a sense of self, logos and playing up the brand element aren’t going to achieve much.

  1. Imagery

Images and graphics are a must for a stylish, modern website. They offer the user a distinct visual cue and it’s a fact that sites with large images do convert more. Humans are highly visual creatures and we respond well to visual stimuli. It’s easier for us to connect with images and they are fun to play with too. There are endless possibilities for stylistic features and options, so this is an easy way to create some originality. This might cost a bit more because truly original, great-looking images are better when custom-made. Using stock images just won’t give the same feel that you’re seeking.

  1. Content

This is the tricky part of making a site original. You want to impress your brand’s personality and culture in the clearest and most concise manner. You can choose options like text or videos to communicate this message. You’ll need clear text and then copy that’s written to be engaging, upbeat and specific to your field. This type of marketing copy is written in such a way as to appeal to a broad range of people from different countries and backgrounds. It’s better not to be too straight-forward with the sales pitch.

  1. Animation

Animation is big at the moment and when it’s done well, it makes for a wonderful user experience and is highly memorable. As mentioned earlier, humans are visual by nature and when you make images move, they engage us in an even deeper way. It’s a difficult area to get spot on though. With animation becoming increasingly popular, it’s now a case of making your animation a cut above the rest. Done poorly and it can cause issues with usability and the performance of your site.

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