What a lovely birthday gift

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It was my birthday last week and even though I am a rabbit the family always buys me a little something. Although I have to say this year I was a little emotional

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Sitting on my owners lap they start singing Happy Birthday (it’s cute and also a little weird) and out the young girl comes with a bag which I instinctively know contains my present. Out she pulls some bags of my favourite treats and a giant carrot. Now this carrot was big and made of sponge like material. It was great fun picking up in my teeth and throwing it and around and great to chew on. Event he cats had fun chasing around with me. Between you and me I am sure that they think I am a cat, they’re not very bright you know, and we are all the same colour. I think my owners have a think for black and white animals. I keep waiting to see a cow or panda or even a penguin turn up at the house.

Anyway, back to the birthday. You see I share a birthday with the little girl. She is great at playing with me and she always finds that spot between my ears that I like rubbed. She read me a story before she went to bed yesterday and it had a rabbit in it. Although he was a bit of a crazy rabbit always running around complaining of being late!

So, I had opened my gifts and the little girl started on hers, she got a few toys and some books, some fluffy socks with cats on it and a notebook and pencil case again with cats on it. There seemed to be a theme going on and I have to admit I was starting to get a bit worried and a tad jealous. I was worried she loved them more than me. Then mum walked in with a large wrapped up gift and yes you guessed it it was wrapped up in cat wrapping paper. Seriously these people need to get out more. She carefully undid the wrapping the wrap and inside was one of those Lap Trays. You see she likes to draw and often has to lean on books when she is sat on the sofa. It was definitely a good purchase. I had seen mum looking on https://personalisedlaptrays.co.uk/collections/lap-trays  a few weeks earlier.

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But then it hit me, the little girl turned the lap tray over and not only did it have her name on the top but had a picture of me. My big white face was staring back at me and who was next me in the picture? The little girl. It was the picture of us from last summer sat out in the garden. She was cuddling me, and I was starting to doze off in the warm summer sun. That was it for me I completely lost it emotionally. I gave her arm a gentle nudge with my nose. She looked down at me, picked me up and gave me a massive cuddle.

This really was the best birthday ever.

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