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Walking along the chilled section of a supermarket you can be forgiven for being overwhelmed by the number of different types and flavours of yogurts available. There seems to be a vast array of yogurt types from Greek to natural, runny to set, smooth to containing fruit pieces and the flavours seem to range from the traditional such as vanilla and strawberry to the more quirky lemon meringue and rhubarb.

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Yogurt is made from fermenting milk. Essentially bacteria (the harmless variety you will be pleased to hear) are added to milk and this causes the fermentation. Most of the UK yogurts are sold as live which basically means that some of the bacteria are still alive and the are thought to aid digestion and gut health.

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So, what are the 10 most popular flavours around?

  1. Strawberry – 5.8% of the consumption of yogurt is taken by this traditional flavour
  2. Blueberry – 4% of the consumption is attributed to this slightly more unusual but still very traditional flavour
  3. Vanilla – who would have thought that this flavour would only come in third.
  4. Peach – A refreshing flavour that is often chosen for an early morning snack or after dinner choice when looking to finish off a meal with something sweet
  5. Plain – this is always a popular choice for choosing to add over the fruit of your choice or perhaps if trying to create a slightly healthier version of an Eton Mess. Plain yogurt is also now being used as a way to make cakes healthier
  6. Raspberry – is a very traditional flavour and seems to be liked by many
  7. Honey – often mixed with a Greek style yogurt this has become a favourite with those people who like to pour yogurt over their breakfast cereal as a replacement to milk
  8. Banana & Strawberry – the top flavour makes a reappearance here this time mixed with the strong flavour of banana
  9. Black cherry – Often seen as quite a luxurious flavour, black cherry yogurts are sometimes seen as a special treat item but this choice of flavour has still made it into the top 10
  10. Berry – mixed berry flavour is incredibly popular during both the summer and winter months.

Which one is your favourite?

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