Is it time to move on?

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Have you been considering a move recently? Perhaps things have changed in your life, you hate your job or sick of your neighbours? Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to you that moving might be an option. Here are some key signs that it might be time to look for a new place to call home:

Things are getting cramped

It could be time for a move if you literally have nowhere to put anything anymore. Perhaps your family has grown in size since you moved in and you have kids sharing bedrooms. Maybe there’s the chance an elderly relative might have to come and stay with you and you simply don’t know where to put them. You might even just long for some additional storage space. Whatever your personal reasons, wanting a bigger home is a common reason for moving on.

You’re ready for the next stage

 You’ve scrimped and saved for a long time and now you’re ready for a better neighbourhood or a more comfortable home. Maybe you need more space for bigger and better appliances, a modern kitchen and finally that garden you’ve always dreamed of. Some choose to renovate an existing property, but if that’s not your cup of tea then it’s exciting to start the property hunt.

New job opportunity

 This is a very common reason for relocating, whether to a new town or simply a different area of the same one. Perhaps it’s an exciting promotion or a new start in a fresh industry. Finding a property closer to your job makes sense for cutting commute times and saving money in the long term.

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Wanting to downsize

 Whilst some people move to gain more space, others do so to reduce the amount of space they currently have. The empty nest feeling, a bereavement or change in a relationship are all reasons for a desire to downsize. Why spend time cleaning an empty house? Decluttering and moving to a smaller home can free up time to do the things you enjoy instead of maintaining a lot of empty space.

 Neighbourhood issues

If things have gone downhill in your neighbourhood and safety is a concern, it’s a good idea to move on if you can. Whether it’s gangs, vandalism, noisy dogs, anti-social behaviour or crime levels – if you don’t feel secure and happy then it’s time to find somewhere you do. For Gloucester Sales and Lettings, visit TGRES Merging with Alex Clark Glos

Killer Commute

 If you currently live a good distance from your place of work, the commute could be getting you down. Whether you end up stuck for hours in traffic or struggle to find a seat on the train every morning – it’s all stress that we could live without. Often the daily grind can make us miserable and even affect our health, so it might be time to consider moving close to work if this is how you feel. You’ll get longer in bed, feeling happier and less stressed – all of which should improve your health.

Good Schools

 This is increasingly becoming a top reason for families relocating. Finding a home in a good school neighbourhood is a top priority for families with young children, one which is becoming quite competitive. With increased competition for places at selective schools in particular, families are having to think ahead several years before their child is even old enough to attend a highly desirable school.

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